What is Daviescoin and how is it different other cryptocurrencies?

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What is Daviescoin and how is it different other cryptocurrencies?

Is there anything in life that does not start for a dream?

It seems that growing, evolving and progressing is always a good idea, but the worst of the passage of time is that, inside, people are still the same. So, it creates a conflict between what we are and what surrounds us. We have seen it in the role of the cryptocurrencies within the society and the reticence or stubbornness of people open to change. Especially of those whose age is more advanced. Accustomed to mediate with our 'Bank of trust', it is hard for us to take the step and believe that without their presence our money will be safe.


This is how the new cryptocurrency, Daviescoin, was born

DAVIES was born in order to demonstrate that this is possible. Sometimes, we are so accustomed to make things in a certain way, that we are incapable of looking beyond, and we even think that there are no other ways to improve. We still remember the first time we hear someone talking of the Bitcoin, back in 2009. No one knew what blockchain was, a virtual currency, a crypto… But its creator was not crazy. Satoshi Nakamoto knew very well what he wanted and went for it.

Today, 10 years later, there are more than 3 million cryptocurrency users worldwide, as CriptoNoticias points out.

Daviescoin is also part of a dream. The one of its creator, Daniel García, who was based on a previous experience in the sector of launching mining projects, as My Custom Miner. His focus was on the development of a fork, on international Exchange, and... He succeeded!

He did so from an existing cryptocurrency called Litecoin and based on Bitcoin in order to change the ways of transferring and lend our money in the world.


A cryptocurrency accessible for everyone

Daviescoin has become a cryptocurrency designed to help the world, creating a smart, powerful and easy to use payment system being able to access and be used by anyone in the world. So this type of cryptocurrency provide a way of direct support to the reduction of financial poverty and accessible to those who do not have access to financial resources.

The micro-credit field may change thanks to this currency. Considering that microcredit "is a form of financing, characterized by providing small amounts of capital to promote productive projects of SMEs in sectors of the economy", the cryptocurrencies become the perfect allied to eliminate the risk of non-performing loans repaid with high interest rates. And not only that, but it also allows to make loans in small amounts in a transparent and safe way.

Just one year from now Davies began to work. April 2018 became the month for the promotion of this project, and we can already say that without that primary idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, none of this would have been possible. Its open and revolutionary spirit have led to the change that society has been waiting for years, although many still do not know.


Transparency and security, the added values of Daviescoin

Thanks to the pseudo-anonymous nature of Daviescoin, the transparency and security will be present in each of your transactions. The aim of this cryptocurrency is away from illicit practices that constitute the cryptocurrency prejudices in our society, such as money laundering or the financing of terrorism. On the contrary, such actions can be tracked.

One of the main attributes of this virtual currency is that it is supported by a company located in Estonia that supports this new cryptocurrency.

Would you like to know more about the operation of this new cryptocurrency? Ask us, in Davies we are ready to listen to you and answer all your questions.