The first cryptocurrency that will allow you to make loans between individuals

Do you want to lend money to someone you trust and for him to start a business? You can do it with the Davies APP

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Why use Davies?

Do you want to make a loan?

With Davies you can create a loan to an acquaintance or friend from anywhere in the world in a few minutes.

It is safe?

Of course, you can generate a signed contract with an electronic and biometric signature valid anywhere in the world.

What do I do with the Davies?

You can sell them and receive the amount instantly in your bank account with the change in your local currency.

How can I get or buy Davies?

You can buy them from an exchange or from the web and the Davies app using your credit card quickly and safely.


  • June 2018

    Creation of Davies

    Creation of the cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, design of the corporate image, publication of the wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux, and publication of the official explorer

  • July 2018

    First round of presale

    1st Presale with a bonus of 20% of extra Davies from July 7 to 31

  • August 2018

    Second round of presale

    2nd Presale with a bonus of 5% of extra Davies from August 1 to August 15

  • August 2018

    Listed on the first Exchange

    In the middle of August you will be able to buy and sell Davies in an Exchange

  • August 2018

    Davies miners' pool

    Publication of the official pool of Davies miners

  • November 2018

    Davies APP


    Davies App for Android with the following features: Wallet, Display of the historical and current price, Viewing the explorer from the app

  • November 2018

    New Web

    Publication of the corporate website

    We will launch the Davies corporate website where you can buy Davies with a credit card and sell them easily, receiving the money in your bank account

  • December 2018

    Buy Davies with Cash

    We will add on the web a new functionality to exchange tikebit tickets that we can bought in different establishments with cash.

  • December 2018

    Davies APP


    Davies App for iOS with the following features: Wallet, Display of the historical and current price, Viewing the explorer from the app

  • January 2019

    Buy and Sell Davies from the APP

    We will add to the Davies app both on iOS and Android, the possibility of buying and selling Davies

  • February 2019

    DaviesLoan for Android and iOS

    At last our flagship product! During this month we will launch an update of the Davies app in both Android and iOS to implement the functionality of creating loans between individuals

If you want to see our full Roadmap download the Whitepaper and get all the information you need

Our Team

Daniel García García

Founder of Daviescoin IT OÜ

Daviescoin IT OÜ

Mircea Rila

Senior Blockchain Developer

Daviescoin IT OÜ

Jose María Flores


Daviescoin IT OÜ

Occam Agencia Digital

Experts in Software Development


The first Blockchain laboratory in Spain

Envisage & Grow

Experts in Inbound Marketing

La Araña Creativa

Experts in Graphic Design

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Features of the cryptocurrency

ASIC Protection

To protect the ASIC blockchain we have decided to add the lyra2re algorithm

Max Supply

The maximum supply number of coin supply is 100,000,000 davies

Reward by Block

Currently the rewards per block will be 50 davies(DVS)

Decrease in Rewards

The rewards will decrease by half every 2 million blocks


From the first minute we will have active Segwit technology to improve scalability


Davies OÜ has preminated a 5% run to guarantee that the project can be carried out

Our objectives

  • To develop a system to exchange any local currency to Davies using the credit card
  • To develop a platform (APP and Web) to create personal loans between individuals
  • To develop a payment module to integrate the Davies payment gateway into an online store
  • To develop an online store manager to create our store with Davies without using prestashop, wordpress or custom development
  • To help other companies or company projects to use Davies as their main currency
  • Ultimately our goal is to create a real ecosystem that works with Davies as an exchange currency anywhere in the world


Mac OS Wallet

Windows Wallet

Linux Wallet