Discover work incentives with cryptocurrencies

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Discover work incentives with cryptocurrencies

Human mind is wise. It knows when and how much does it need its motivational dose to accomplish a task, a thought, or just to keep living as usual. You may be wondering what has all this to do with cryptocurrencies. Way more than you think, because Davies is offering you the possibility of motivating your employees.


It’s a great initiative at the present time, when COVID is showing its effects in the company motivation. Uncertainness, chaos, fear…


Would you like to know which work incentives can you perform with cryptocurrencies? You only need to keep reading this post. We’ll be there at the end to help you solve all your doubts.


Davies and work incentives: what’s this all about?


We are about to answer the great question. Apart from giving anyone the tools they may need to become their own bank, Davies cares about emotions. They’re the fuel that moves any person in the world and can be seen on body language: voice tone and actions.


Anger, fear, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, trust, and joy. These are the eight basic emotions as defined by psychology. But how are they expressed in a working environment? When teams feel motivated, their feeling of belonging to the company grows, and with it, the staff productivity. If there is trust, they wait enthusiastically for the tasks and goals. But challenges can also appear in the shape of fear, uncertainty and surprise.


Obviously, no employee can keep the same mood 24/7/365, but we can help motivate them using work incentives with cryptocurrencies. Davies offers unlimited flexible remuneration with better wage conditions. It’s a bonus for your employees with which you can:


  • Motivate them while you get remarkable tax savings that also help your company.
  • Generate loyalty in your business’ labour force.
  • Achieve better results with a more motivated, committed and productive staff.
  • Offer better conditions for the same salary.
  • Save in social costs for the company and its workers.
  • Keep talent.


Ask us for more info and discover how to motivate your employees with cryptocurrencies!


Reinforce the feeling of belonging in your employees using work incentives


Feeling a part of the company doesn’t only mean an effort from the worker, but also many initiatives taken by the company. Everyone cares about their emotional intelligence level, but keeping motivation and enthusiasm is a hard task companies must support with energy. Achieving goals together is the very beginning of a lasting relationship.


Motivated employees feel comfortable and appreciated in their workplaces. They become identified with the company values, they share them and they internalise them. As a consequence, they’re more productive, efficient and proactive when facing challenges. Considering the difficulties that the world is going through due to the coronavirus pandemic, maybe we are right at the ideal time to lift employees’ spirits and help them see some light at the end of the tunnel.


That’s why we at Davies keep working to create new ways to motivate employees with cryptocurrencies.


Other incentives with cryptocurrencies


Not only work incentives. Virtual currencies have brought an unending amount of financial possibilities: from removing intermediaries to boost community work, to blockchain enthusiasts working to discover security breaches in exchange for rewards.


In fact, we can follow the example of the miners, or validators of transactions with cryptocurrencies. From a technical point of view, they are in charge of solving math puzzles keeping a part of the reward. Ultimately, they define all the processes needed to perform validations, and also the processing of the cryptocoin transactions within a blockchain.


Another example of incentives with virtual coins is the one TRON ecosystem showed in 2019: “more voter participation, with a larger proportion of participation in the whole net, will generate a more active community and a more robust net economic system, increasing the amount of user blocking inside the ecosystem”, as informed by Criptotendencia.


There are actually many possibilities offered by this means of payment and exchange. Davies is, maybe, the most recent example. It doesn’t only intend to control credit removing inflation, contribute to the decentralisation of the banking world system or improve currency mobility among countries using different coins. It also intends to give every person with a smartphone to become its own bank regardless of the place in the world where they are, and motivate employees in companies.


Conclusions about incentives with cryptocurrencies: advantages of flexible remuneration


We are absolutely sure that the best motivation for your employees is giving them bigger incentives. The company can pay commissions from them through Davies, and the worker can get 100% of the amount for their expenses. In such a way, the company deduces VAT on its purchases and saves in social costs. If you still haven’t decided about using flexible remuneration, check out these further reasons:


  1. VISA card! We’re working towards making it possible very soon. With the new Davies card, employees can spend their remunerations buying at any physical or online shop accepting VISA.
  2. Reducing tax burden. And what comes with it… Saving in social costs, deductible VAT. Employees can enjoy 100% of their remuneration.
  3. Anonymous corporate card. Linked to the company, and anonymously to the employees, who can have the assets in place at any moment for their expenses.
  4. Instant reloads. And safe! Limits always meet what labour and tax laws state.
  5. Easy to use. Managing your employees’ remunerations has never been an easy task. Now it is: even easier than ordering a bank transfer.
  6. Web and mobile app. Reload your employees’ wallet from your iOS or Android app. Or, if you prefer, do it directly from the website.


As we said before, we’re ready to solve all your doubts. Got any? Let us know!