New cryptocurrencies! 3 characteristics of DAVIES

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New cryptocurrencies! 3 characteristics of DAVIES

Since it began to emerge in the mind of its creator Daniel García, DAVIES is a cryptocurrency with history. April 2018. This is a key year and month in which this new cryptocurrency begins to be created from another existing cryptocurrency: Litecoin.

The new network is called Daviescoin and their journey begins working at the improvement of the financial system for the world. We recognize the great value of the original creation of Bitcoin and honor the spirit of the open source, as well as the financial revolution that it is causing. It is time to improve. It is the time to change.

Today is a good day to share with you the reason for our currency. Reasons and characteristics that make DAVIES a real alternative for an effective financing.


3 characteristics of the new cryptocurrency: DAVIES

In a world marked by new technologies, we now also talk about new cryptocurrencies. DAVIES was born as a dream and as a dream is brewing in society. 2019 has been a key year to become an official CryptoBank, licensed cryptowallet and cryptotrade issued by the Government of Estonia. These are the main features of its efficiency:

  • IMMEDIATE. As a user, you can send DAVIES to any part of the world in a matter of seconds. No matter the day or time.
  • EASY. You can download the App, available for Android or iOS, or accessed from the web platform, trading from any support and device. You will only have to add the address of the recipient and the amount.
  • SAFE. Transactions are stored in the blockchain ensuring the security of the transfer.

This cryptocurrency will release very son the functionality of purchase with credit and debit cards, as well as its sale through SEPA credit transfer. Be aware of our news! Follow us every week on our blog.

I have DAVIES, what can I do with them?

If you have already purchased DAVIES and you don't know very well what to do with them, don't worry. Our local wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as our own platform, allow you to save and access whenever you need it. From any device and support. Not to mention the possibility of storing them also in the exchanges where it is trading.

The application of this cryptocurrency allows you to store and make payments directly from your mobile phone, immediate and simple. Intuitive use can handle it easily, so don't worry if this is the first time that you are in contact with cryptocurrencies.

In a nutshell, DAVIES is an intelligent solution in the hands of the society, and opens up endless possibilities to reduce financial poverty that plagues Latin countries such as Colombia or the Dominican Republic.

These parts of the world suffer precarity in financial services, a situation that Global Findex reflects: "Over 40% of women in the world do not have access to these services". Our cryptocurrency is a real alternative to make all these people part of the financial system with a shared economy.

What other new cryptocurrencies have been created in the last year?

In recent years, new cryptocurrencies have been created at the same time as Davies, such as NEM or Unit-e. The first name is an acronym for New Economy Movement, it operates within the blockchain technology and one of its main differences lies in its algorithm, based on POI and not POW. The second acquires a scientific nature dealing with a virtual currency backed by researchers at MIT, Stanford and the University of Berkeley.

Have you ever heard of them? What do we expect during the next few years? Follow us and don't miss it.