Know the ways to send money to Venezuela in a safe way

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Know the ways to send money to Venezuela in a safe way

It isn’t last-minute news if we tell you that in Venezuela they’re struggling with rather turbulent social and economical times lately. Government politics and international pressures have moved the country towards a very unstable situation in which, despite plenty of natural resources are available, the country has precarious conditions and a large proportion of the population risks falling in poverty. If you have friends or relatives in that South American republic you’ve already got first-hand knowledge of what is going on there.

Because of that, now more than ever money sending from abroad are important for the welfare of Venezuelan people. Currencies emigrants send from Spain or other countries in Europe or America have become an essential aid for the Latin American country to carry on.

But such a tight outlook they suffer in that land means that turning to traditional systems to send money to Venezuela, like banks or transfer companies, isn’t the best option any longer. Extremely long waiting times and disproportionate commissions both for the sender of currencies and the receiver of the money advise to look for an alternative. In this context, Davies and cryptocurrencies come to the rescue. Remain with us and we’ll tell you how!

Advantages of cryptocurrencies to transfer money

Cryptocurrencies offer an easy, comfortable, safe and fast way to send money to Venezuela, or anywhere else in the world, without needing complex procedures or big headaches. The process is as easy as sending your Davies to the recipient of your choice. You only need to fill out his or her name and address, and the operation will be fulfilled in only a few seconds.

Several features make sending cryptocurrencies a much more reliable alternative than any other. The most important of them, above all, is the cost. By using cryptocurrencies you become your own bank and decide when and how to manage the operations you need to perform. There are no intermediaries at all: the money goes directly from your account to the recipient’s one. This means you don’t need to pay commissions that sometimes raise up to a large percentage of what you spend on doing the transfer.

Another major asset about using cryptocurrencies to send money to Venezuela is safety. Davies uses blockchain technology which isn’t centralised, but instead so-called “miners” offer their devices’ processing capacities to validate all operations, which are later logged in a large database. Each operation is a block linked to the previous and the next ones, so it’s actually impossible to modify, cancel or fake it in any way. Chances of rigid Venezuelan bureaucracy making your money “disappear” reduce to zero.

Furthermore, by using cryptocurrencies you will notice a great improvement in comfort. To make a sending you only need to access either an Exchange (a listed virtual currencies exchange platform that lets you change them for fiat money such as euros, dollars, or, even if inflation doesn’t make them the best option, bolivars) or Davies’ own platform, which is available both via web, from any browser in any device, or directly through iOS and Android apps. Neither who sends the money nor who is getting it need to physically go to a branch of a bank or agency; they don’t need either to pick the money in paper notes, avoiding the criminality issues there may currently exist in certain zones in Venezuela.

The process is also very fast: as it is totally digitalised, it takes only a few seconds since you send the money to the moment in which the person waiting for it in Venezuela can get it. And, speaking about online operations, you can choose the moment and the place you prefer to perform them. You won’t depend any longer on timetables or on being in a precise location.

Use Davies to send money safely to Venezuela

It is important to keep in mind that, despite the bad reputation some people would like them to have, cryptocurrencies are an extremely safe and totally licit money exchange method. Current technological systems, especially blockchains, make it very difficult to use virtual coins such as Davies for illegal purposes. Neither cryptocurrencies have been designed to commit scams, nor is it likely that they’re used for that and the crime remained unpunished.

It must be said as many times as needed that all and every operation made with them, even being anonymous, keeps logged in a block of the chain, and that these can’t be modified or deleted. Therefore, ultimately any performed operation can be tracked. Transparency about this is maximal, and, to dispel any remaining concern, there’s always the possibility of getting invoices and receipts which are legal proof if needed.

If you need to send money to Venezuela or any other country in the world from Spain or Europe, cryptocurrencies like Davies are a possibility you must consider. Not only do they remove usual problems in international transfers, especially high costs and time required to complete the procedure, but they also provide extra benefits which will help you manage your currency sending. All this, with improved safety features that other methods lack and that help you to have the peace of mind you need in such a hard task that is sending money to your loved ones.

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