Lending in cryptocurrencies in Davies

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Lending in cryptocurrencies in Davies

As you may know, cryptocurrencies are very versatile economical instruments. Features such as their extreme safety, their fully digitalized nature, their immediacy when fulfilling any task, their independence from any temporal or territorial frame, or the fact of them working in a decentralised system, make them a very convenient means to perform any kind of money transaction.


You probably already know cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in purchases of goods and services. You have possibly used them to send money abroad, no matter how far away the recipient is, thanks to the high speed of the operation. Maybe you even use them as a value fund to store your incomes and get profit.


But there’s a feature you may not know yet: lending in cryptocurrencies. It’s a rather unknown service, partly because of it being such a novelty, partly due to the fact of not all virtual currencies offering it; it’s available only in some of them, such as Davies. Anyway, it’s a very interesting business alternative which can be really useful for you. Would you like to know how does it work? Keep reading, we’re explaining it!


Get to know the concept of lending in cryptocurrencies


In order to understand why Davies is an excellent choice towards lending with cryptocurrencies, first of all we need to know what is all this about. As obvious as it may sound, you basically lend money to others.


Companies which need capital resort to this method, as an alternative to traditional banking, for several reasons. The most important one is that lending lets both parties agree the terms of the loans with specifical particular conditions depending on the characteristics and needs both of the business that gets the money and the private individual who offers it. There is more flexibility either in the interest rates and in the terms and forms of payment, which can be arranged individually in the most convenient ways.


This way, hiring a loan via lending is smoother than going to a commercial bank. Moreover, it gives the loaners the chance of choosing business in a specific field where they feel more comfortable, which means more trust and eases the movement of assets. From the company point of view, an extra benefit is that the funding sources become diversified, which removes the dependence on one or two specific providers.


This kind of transaction is known as B2B, that is, “business to business”. It’s called like that because there are no other intermediaries: neither banks nor agencies or public entities intervene in the direct relationship between the two companies which arrange the loan. Fulfilling the current legal requirements is enough to boost the operation.


It is clear, therefore, that cryptocurrencies are the ideal means to handle a P2P loan transaction. Two of their features are especially suitable for this purpose: the speed in their movements, which allows procedures to be completed in a matter of seconds even if there are thousands of kilometres between both parts, and the fact of virtual currencies being decentralized and not depending on any entity to adjust their value beyond the tasks that users decide to perform with them.


Why Davies is ideal for lending in cryptocurrencies


Daviescoin, Davies’ cryptocurrency, stands out for that matter as a very convenient product when dealing with loans. Not only does it remove any restriction in this matter, but also its online platform, which can be accessed either from the website or from native apps for mobile devices both Android and iOS, is specifically prepared for this kind of B2B operations.


Through it, all parts who take part in the lending in cryptocurrencies, both the receiver of the loan and the capital deliverer, can freely decide the conditions in which that credit will be set. It must be remembered that, apart from giving technical support, Davies doesn’t take part in the procedure nor does it establish any further restriction.


This means that two users, being them either companies or even private individuals, are qualified to coordinate up to the very last detail in the operation, no matter if they’re in very remote geographical locations. In this way, Davies becomes an extremely useful tool in order to help the progress of developing countries by easing investment and fundraising of foreign capitals.


Besides, if the loan is agreed through Davies platform, any further concern about currency exchanges is removed, since both parts are always using the same one. The money receiver will freely decide later whether it’s convenient to turn it into the local fiat currency or it’s better to store it in its wallet to use it in the increasing number of online apps which accept it as a means of payment.


Furthermore, it must be said that lending in cryptocurrencies is particularly safe when compared to other ways of borrowing money. This is because they are based on blockchain technology, which links all performed operations to each other in such a way that it’s impossible to modify or delete one without affecting the previous and the following ones. In B2B transactions, this guarantee of solidity can be crucial for the bookkeeping of a company.


If you are interested on getting involved in loans among private individuals or among companies, you should consider using cryptocurrencies as a very advantageous possibility. And within them, Davies can add many very convenient perks. Should you need us to explain them in detail, go ahead and ask us!