What to expect from Davies in 2020

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What to expect from Davies in 2020

It is a relatively new Spanish cryptocurrency, but it has been treading for months. In just over a year, it has managed to become one of the first official Crypto-Banks in Europe, leading it to offer traditional services from a modern point of view. We're talking about Davies, the cryptocurrency developed in Spain by the young Daniel Garcia. It began the journey in 2018 based on the blockchain technology, and since then, it has never stopped growing.

Now that we are starting a new year, it is the perfect time to remember what Davies has achieved in these years and what to expect in 2020. Our journey begins here. Are you coming with us?


Davies: the past of a cryptocurrency from Spain

It all started with a dream in April 2018 to continue what Satoshi Nakamoto started 10 years ago, but from another perspective. Daniel Garcia created Davies from Litecoin, based on Bitcoin. The goal of this Spanish cryptocurrency was to change the way the money is transferred and lend in the world. We are especially grateful for all the virtual currencies circulating in the universe.

Daviescoin has been constituted as a hard fork of Litecoin, which means that we took a project with the existing open source license and created a copy to write our own code over time. This Spanish cryptocurrency has been our base, but now we have taken a different path both technically and strategically. The main reasons we chose Llitecoin are due to its versatility and transaction speed combined with a high security.

Another of our goals has been to achieve transparency with the rest of the world, as far as possible, so that we can trace any fraudulent act that may occur.

  • June 2018. In parallel with the birth of Daviescoin, the Davies IT O-Society was created in Estonia. Its founder Daniel García runs the company with the help of different trusted suppliers, who execute the development of the software of the project and its communication and marketing strategies.
  • August 2018. We created Davies, the blockchain is launched and the currency is listed on Exchange STEX. During this month, the official Davies mining pool was released, we got deals with more than 15 mining pools and published the wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • November 2018. Creation of the new Exchange, Bite-BTC. It included Davies on its platform in order to be able to trade with Bitcoin/Davies and Ethereum/Davies.
  • February 2019. Three months later, Davies managed to obtain the Cryptowallet and Cryptotrade licenses issued by the Estonian government. It then became one of the first Crypto-Banks in Europe.
  • May 2019. The new corporate website and Davies platform, available for Android, iOS and web, was launched. On this page we are adding the different uses for this virtual currency. In addition, the platform allows users to trade Davies from any device.

Now that we are beginning the new year and we're already starting a new period, it's time to keep taking firm steps to help the world with a new smart, powerful and easy-to-use payment system.


Here's what you can expect from Davies in 2020

We're already thinking about everything that's coming in the following 365 days. New cycle, more goals and a dream that we continue to work to make it come true. Davies is loaded with results that are the consequence of its constancy and work. See what we're planning for 2020:

  1. Buy Davies via bank transfer. Soon you will be able to do so using SEPA bank transfers.
  2. Euro Wallet. Users will soon have their euro wallet in the Davies App, and will be able to buy and sell coins in real time. This wallet can be recharged by making a transfer.
  3. Loans. With this functionality, you can earn money by making loans to users of the platform and charging the interest you want. The loan will be backed up with a completely legal contract.
  4. Obtaining the financial institution license. It will allow us to provide our users with financial services.

Would you like to join us? Come on a trip with us!


Conclusion on Davies' past, present and future

It's been almost two years since its launch. It sounded exciting at first, but as time goes on, it sounds even more exciting. More and more countries are normalizing the use of microcredits, i.e. a loan of a small amount of money with a high interest rate and with a very short repayment time. Normally, for these types of loans, banks don't even ask for endorsements, so the risk of delinquency pays off at the high interest rate. At the end, they control the market without anyone noticing.

The philosophy of blockchain aims to change this precept through the decentralization of the financial system. Davies is a cryptocurrency created in Spain, and together with all the cryptocurrencies in the world, it has become a real alternative for a society without access to banking services, such as Colombia. About 30% of the world's population does not even have a bank account, and in 25 developing countries studied by the World Bank, about 73% of the people live without access to financial services.

The problem is no longer about not being able to access these resources, but the financial exclusion that exists in the world. Today, cryptocurrencies can contribute to inclusion, because, given that 5 billion unique users use mobile phones, it means that 5 billion users have in their hands a device from which to transact and make loans, as well as managing your own money.

It's time to change the reality. We can help you.