Send and receive money instantly with Davies

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Send and receive money instantly with Davies

Only a few weeks ago, we were right here telling you about all what our cryptocurrency had achieved since its launch in 2018 and its expectations for 2020. Now that we are slowly progressing into a new year, what we have to do is to broaden horizons and to adopt new perspectives. That’s why we won’t talk today about the advantages of cryptocurrencies, or about what is implied when investing on them, neither are we doing an overview of its growth in 2019. We will keep or focus beyond the Spanish or even European borders and we’ll tell you how to send and receive money instantly to other countries with Davies.

Are you in a country outside the European Union? Do you need to send money in a quick way at the lowest cost? Stay with us, because from now on this won’t be a problem anymore.

How to send money from Latin America to Europe?

Imagine you’re in Mexico, Colombia or Dominican Republic and you need to send money quickly and safely to your relatives, who live in Spain or another European country. Until recently, this used to be a problem for the society, due to the scarce transaction safety and the risks it had, but with the arrival of cryptocurrencies the picture has changed dramatically, especially with Davies.

This virtual currency was created simultaneously to the Davies IT OÜ in Estonia, which backs the currency itself. Since that first step, Davies has become one of the first Crypto-Banks in Europe. It now has its new corporate website and the Davies platform, available in Android, iOS and web.

Its team’s hard and consistent work keep this cryptocurrency in permanent development and improvement. Soon users will be able to buy Davies through bank transfer, keep a Euro wallet in the app, buy and sell currency in real time and earn money making loans to other users. Instant money transfers at low costs are now available not only from European countries, but Latin Americans, such as Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

Speeding up money sending from Europe to other countries, and vice versa, has become an easy task.

It has never been so easy to buy and sell cryptocurrency

Transactions with Davies are actually entries logged in the blockchain. When you need to send money abroad, the last thing you want is to undergo a costly and complicated procedure, or taking risks. That’s one of the biggest nightmares in some non-European countries when one needs to send money. Now with Davies it’s really easy and comfortable:

  • It’s immediate. Send Davies anywhere in the world in only seconds, regardless of the time and date.
  • It’s easy. You only need to download the app or enter via the web platform. Just fill out the recipient’s address and the amount to send the money.
  • It’s safe. The operation will be stored in the blockchain, which ensures the transfer safety.

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to store your Davies, as the platform has got local wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux. Besides, you can enter the platform through the iOS and Android apps or directly at the website. Click this link to access.

Which other goals does Davies pursue?

Sending money to other countries can become such an odyssey if you don’t use a safe system, or an alternative that allows you to do it instantly and at a low cost. Due to this, the main goal of Davies is helping the world to create a banking system in which all users can be their own bank, wherever they are. It will be a powerful and easy to use system, which will also allow the access and usage by any person in the planet, no matter the location.

For this reason, Davies is a cryptocurrency which helps reducing financial poverty. Its possibilities are helping people all around the world to have their own bank. Societies with developing infrastructures can take advantage of this new technological and financial revolution caused by the arrival of cryptocurrencies.

Virtual currencies like Davies can help changing deep-seated problems such as corruption or government opacity, due to its traceability.

Two years after its launch, this currency is still working to improve its services and to offer new possibilities to its users. In 2020 it will get a financial institution licence, which will, among other benefits, allow it to provide financial services to users. A proof of the cryptocurrency evolution is that more and more countries are normalizing microcredits.

With Davies you can send and receive money easily.