An easy and fast way to send money to Argentina

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An easy and fast way to send money to Argentina

Tens of thousands of Spaniards have relatives in Argentina. For a long time, Buenos Aires and its surroundings have been one of the preferred destinations for those citizens of the European country who decided to leave their homeland searching for a better future. Common language, culture and similar customs eased a trip that often didn’t have a way back.

Conversely, but due to the same reasons, Spain has become lately the place many Argentinians call home. Economic instability in South America has forced many of them to emigrate to the Old Continent. Censuses estimate in over 270,000 the amount of Argentinean-born Spanish residents, including those with dual citizenship.

In both cases usually the same need arises. People in one side of the Atlantic Ocean keep friends and relatives on the other side. And, since usually the reason why they’ve left their home country is economic, they want to send money to those who stayed back.

But currently available methods have many problems. They’re expensive, they take a lot of time, too many procedures are required. Isn’t there any easy and fast way to send money to Argentina from Spain?

Of course there is! Davies can help you to do it comfortably and effortlessly. Keep reading, we’re explaining how does it work!


Sending money to Argentina using cryptocurrencies

The first thing you need to know is what is Davies. It’s not the typical money transfer agency, nor a bank. Davies is a cryptocurrency, that is, a virtual currency, which doesn’t have any physical support and works only through the Internet.

All exchanges done using Davies instead of euros or pesos are purely electronic transactions; they are digitalized and happen in the hyperspace. The currency value doesn’t depend on the decisions any Ministry of Economy in any government may take, but is only conditioned by demand and supply from the users in the net.

All operations performed with cryptocurrencies such as Davies are stored in a blockchain. This means that every purchase, sale or transfer gets logged in a block within a chain, linked both to the previous and to the next ones. Modifying them is impossible because not only the affected block would need to be changed, but also the others to which it’s attached.

How can this give you benefits when sending money to Argentina? There are many advantages:

  • Speed. A cryptocurrency transaction, such as sending money to Argentina, is completed not in hours or days, as happens using traditional means, but only in a few seconds.
  • No time and space restrictions. As operations with Davies are performed through the Internet, you don’t need to walk to any agency or office. You can do it at whatever time suits better for you (or your relatives in Argentina, considering the time difference between Madrid and Buenos Aires), and comfortably from home or from anywhere with Internet connection, that is, anywhere with reception for your phone.
  • Reduced costs. This procedure removes many intermediaries who pick commissions and keep for themselves a big share of the money you want to send to Argentina. Using Davies, the money you send there is the money that arrives. No hidden fees.
  • The blockchain system ensures that all transfer operations you perform stay always logged in the registry, without any possibility of cancelling or modifying them. In this way scams and frauds can be prevented.
  • No currency exchange needed. You don’t have to turn your euros into pesos to send them to Argentina. The exchange goes from the Davies you store in your virtual wallet to the Davies the receiver gets. Later, the person getting the money will decide if it’s worth to change the cryptocoins into local money or if it’s better to keep them and use them in the increasing number of available utilities both online and offline.
  • Simple procedures. The operation is quick and easy: anybody can complete it from any computer, tablet or phone connected to the Internet. No agent, operator or assistant is needed to process it for you increasing the price.

Do all these perks convince you? We’re sure they do! But, just in case you still have doubts, let us explain the procedure, so you can check how easy it is to send money to Argentina using Davies.


How to send money to Argentina using Davies

It’s really simple! You only have to follow these steps:

  1. Buy Davies in the platform through the website or our app for Android or iOS devices. There’s no minimum amount and you can use your card, a bank transfer or just buy them in auction from other users.
  2. Choose the Argentinean user in our system you want to send the money to, and order the transfer. In only a few seconds the Davies will be there!
  3. The recipient sells these Davies and gets for them the appropriate amount in Argentinean pesos. This can be done directly in the platform or to other users in the Auctions section.
  4. These Argentinean pesos can be kept in the wallet to buy more Davies in the future, or be transferred to a bank account, or even be directly delivered home via courier.

Do you still have doubts about the most reliable way to send money to Argentina? Ask us! We’ll be happy to help you.