Cryptocurrency transfer: from Spain to Argentina

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Cryptocurrency transfer: from Spain to Argentina

Historically, there has always been a great affinity between Spain and Argentina. Even though the independence of the latter country from the former happened more than two centuries ago, smooth connections have been kept. Both nations share language, culture and lifestyle, which have enabled throughout history large batches of people to migrate in both directions. Significant communities of Spaniards in Argentina, and of course Argentineans in Spain, can still be found.

Due to current economical unrest, for many of those emigrants, and for their relatives and friends who remained home, sending money back to their places of origin is a need. These remittances can even become the main tool to ensure a whole family survival. That’s why a reliable, fast and at the same time cheap means to do so is required.

Most common systems used so far have several drawbacks. They tend to be slow, charge high fees and need the person who takes care of the procedure to make a remarkable effort: most times even a trip is required, apart from many cumbersome bureaucratic issues to deal with. Is there any other way to ease the process? Absolutely! Cryptocurrency transfer comes to the rescue. Would you like to know how does it work? Carry on reading, we’ll explain in the next few lines!

Cryptocurrency transfer, an ideal way to send money to Argentina

Before starting to use cryptocurrency transfer as a means to deliver money between Spain and Argentina, one must get to know the very “cryptocurrency” concept and understand all of its advantages and the range of usage possibilities it provides, in order to be able to get the most from its perks. To sum up quite a lot, cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies. That means they don’t actually exist in the physical world: you won’t find notes in your pocket as you may do with euros, pesos or dollars. They work only through the net.

Do that make them less valuable or useful than common fiat money? Absolutely not. With cryptocurrencies, goods and services’ purchase and sale operations can be performed as usual. The only difference is that everything, absolutely everything, is digitalised. In fact, the owner even stores them in virtual online wallets.


Even though it may seem the other way round, a system with these characteristics is indeed really helpful when international operations are to be performed, including transfers to countries such as Argentina. You will quickly notice one of the biggest advantages: there are no intermediaries involved. No banks, no exchange offices, not any other private or public entity will take care of your money in your place.


From here a further obvious advantage can be deduced: when making cryptocurrency transfers no currency exchange is needed. Since there are no territorial limitations to use the virtual coins in one country or another, you don’t have to turn euros to pesos or vice versa if you want to move money between Spain and Argentina. Imagine how much you can save from now on in fees, commissions and taxes using this system! It’s the receiver of the cryptocoins who decides whether it’s worth keeping them in the virtual wallet to use them online (there’s an increasing amount of websites that accept them) or it’s better to exchange them into the local currency whenever the rate is convenient.


Similarly, as everything is digitalised, there are no tasks to perform in person at any agency or bank branch. Everything can be done from the comfort of your own home or from any other place where you are if you own any device connected to the Internet, such as your smartphone. Cryptocurrency transfers can be performed through specific platforms provided by main operators, such as Davies, which are compatible with all kind of mobiles. Of course, there are also no time restrictions, which, considering that there’s a five-hour delay between Madrid and Buenos Aires, is surely a very convenient feature.


Save time and money when making international transfers

Time is, precisely, another of the major strengths in cryptocurrency transfers, because the procedure is literally immediate. Never mind that there are almost 10,000 kilometres in straight line between the Andalusian and the South American Cordoba; it will take only a few seconds to send money from one to the other. Other means could take several days… or charge disproportionate fees.


In fact, among the strong points of cryptocurrency transfers, fair prices must be mentioned. Keep in mind that intermediaries have been removed. Nobody will charge delivery or currency conversion or any other fees. The platform only applies a little percentage of the sent amount. Forget about huge figures for any kind of concepts.


Another usual concern when performing operations through the Internet is the fear of being scammed. It’s reasonable to feel like that, as we’re overwhelmed with alarmist news about this topic. But on the contrary, cryptocurrency transfer is one of the safest means there are when sending money between Spain and Argentina. The key is blockchain technology, based on a network of “miners” who validate any given operation noting it down in a log which is made of interconnected blocks. This system can’t be faked, because there’s no way to erase one of these marks without affecting the previous and the next one, and also any transaction can be easily tracked should any proof be needed.


Ultimately, cryptocurrency transfer is a revolutionary invention to send money between Spain and Argentina. Even though it may sound somewhat futuristic, truth is that the service is already here, available today to ease your life. And that’s by no means the only feature this innovative system can offer you. To get a deep knowledge about it, keep reading our blog and don’t hesitate to ask us any question you may have!