The easiest way to send money to Colombia

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The easiest way to send money to Colombia

Sending money to other countries is an absolute need for families and friends who are in different parts of the world. Even also for companies. That’s why we at Davies have developed a system which eases transfers and loans between private individuals and companies, without the need of using banks, in a transparent, safe and traceable way. So if you are in Spain or any other country and wish to send money to Colombia, we invite you to learn about how does Davies work.

Let’s start!

Sending money to Colombia with Davies: easy and quick

You only need to download the app or access the web platform to start enjoying the transactions with Davies. Fill the receiver’s address and the amount… and that’s it! You can proceed with the delivery. It will arrive anywhere in the world within seconds with complete safety. Transactions are locked in Davies blockchain, ensuring that the operation is safe.

How does Davies work?

Before doing your first transaction, we invite you to know in depth how does Davies work through these frequently asked questions:

  • You still don’t have any Davies and you wish to get some? In that case you can buy them from an exchange (a virtual currency interchange platform, for example, Davies for euros, dollars, pesos… and vice versa) or from the website or the App.
  • Where are your Davies stored? We have local wallets that, unlike traditional cash, don’t need to be physical. These wallets are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and the Davies platform, to which you can enter through the apps for iOS and Android, or through our website. You can also store them in the exchanges where we are listed.
  • What can you do to sell your Davies? Either in an exchange or from the website or the app, you can get cash in your bank account.

Davies eases and makes it cheaper to transfer remittances between Europe and Latin American countries.

Popularity of cryptocurrency in Colombia

Daviescoin is the easiest way to send money to Colombia because it allows you to perform the operation anywhere and at any time from your own smartphone. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you and your receiver are located. Money will be sent in a few seconds and the recipient will get it much quicker than if a traditional banking service was used.

Considering that Colombia is one of the main players in the cryptocurrency universe due to its implementation pace, Davies is a very safe professional alternative to send money to friends and relatives living there. Even though there is no clear reason to justify why virtual currencies can become especially popular in a country, Colombia already qualifies as the third country with the biggest rate of cryptocurrency users, right after Turkey and Brazil. These figures have been collected by the Statista Global Consumer Survey.

After many years, and with the DEA accusing Mexican and Colombian drug cartels of using cryptocurrencies for money laundering, several attempts to regularize the cryptocurrency exchange platforms have been made.

Many illicit behaviours with virtual currencies, such as money laundering, are justified with this kind of statements: “Colombian financial education is low, considering that in the USA around 70% of the grown-up population has any knowledge about financial markets, while in this country only 1% has been informed on this topic […] so they end up considering them a safe haven”.

What can Davies do in this situation?

For many years cryptocurrencies have been used in the laundering of money coming from illicit activities. However, its pseudo-anonymous character and the role of blockchain technology keep a log of all the operations that are performed through the system, which means that these operations can be tracked. Therefore, we are speaking about a transparent system which is consistently improving in safety.

Some banks have warned about possible frauds with cryptocurrencies due to its anonymousness, but these systems keep fighting to make virtual currencies a really safe system. Taking the threat and turning it into an opportunity. Blockchain technology consensus lays on mining walls and prevents a previous block (where a transaction is logged) to be modified or cancelled.

Even if there is still a long way to go, cryptocurrencies aren’t intended to be used in illegal affairs, neither do they support them, but they’re working hard to fight it and become a means of payment everyone can use. They can offer a chance to all societies which otherwise wouldn’t have any access to financial resources, and therefore reduce poverty.

Davies has made this reality possible. Not only does it allow everyone to send money to Colombia, but also anywhere else in the world, keeping a record of the operation and even getting a receipt or invoice that can verify the transaction.

Start doing your own transactions and don’t lose control over your money!