Davies Coin, a new cryptocurrency in the 2018 CriptoMad

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Davies Coin, a new cryptocurrency in the 2018 CriptoMad

The blockchain technology and the cryptocurrencies have come to Madrid to be presented in the first CriptoMad Congress. The event was held on June 30 in the ABC Serrano newsroom and its protagonists were several professionals in the field, through conferences, networking activities and some workshops, they all put at the disposal of visitors the cryptocurrency and the blockchain world.

With this aim, a new cryptocurrency that allows loans between individuals has been presented. Its name is Davies Coin and Daniel García is its creator, who already had experience in the sector as he released mining projects as My Custom Miner. Currently, his focus is on the blockchain development of a fork located on the international Exchanges.

CriptoMad began with the speech 'Blockchain as an alternative mean of investment', a point that is closely related to the experience of Daniel: "during the learning process, I had an error with a new cryptocurrency, a bad investment. The developer abandoned it and the price fell almost to 0 ". Work and the constancy of the developer community opened a road of hope and found the possibility of recovering it. Thus, he managed to do a take-over and the coin revived. The project returned to work.

Based on the legendary saying ‘you learn from mistakes’, this anecdote helped him to acquire new knowledge as well as to draw a clear conclusion: "most of the cryptocurrencies were supported by teams of altruistic people, but they had no business behind ". Something should change, so, Daniel decided to open a company in Estonia, and create a new cryptocurrency supported by this institution.

We are talking about Davies, a virtual currency created as a Litecoin fork, characterized by its security and transaction speed. In a more technical aspect, the algorithm has changed so that the new cryptocurrency cannot be undermined with ASIC technology, which allows a much safer blockchain. Mining will have to be done with graphics cards, which will allow to democratize the mining.

The company goa is to come up with a product that works with Davies and which serve as a payment method to perform transactions with the cryptocurrency, to buy them and sell them with a credit card; a platform that allows loans between individuals, which saves time, because it avoids the complexity of going to a notary, certifying the loan and all the bureaucratic process. Thus, all the process will be simplified.

According to its creator, the objective of the loan will be at Davies, but the value will be in the currency you choose. In addition, the application will allow signing the contract with biometric signature. As Daniel said, it is a system capable of helping society, because there are countries with a problematic banking system and the cryptocurrency will decentralized the traditional way to make loans.

Its launch has begun with a pre-sale during the month of July, but the product will be developed independently of this phenomenon. Davies Company do not care to that much on having an investor who hijack all the presale, but rather to get a diversified activity. We are talking about Davies Coin, "a humble and real team".