Women and men in a world of cryptocurrencies

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Women and men in a world of cryptocurrencies

We live in a society increasingly more modern, more up-to-date and more prepared to face the digital transformations. The world is experiencing a true disruption in which each company has become a small part which also needs to be digitally transformed.

You'll have noticed that every time it is more common to speak of this process of change. Digital newspapers, as well as some corporate blogs, are full of information talking about reinventing the business, walking towards the improvement of the customer experience.

This phenomenon has come to the financial system. But, how? Thanks to the inclusion of the cryptocurrencies, in general, and of the Bitcoin, in particular. Since its inception in 2009, there have been emerging thousands of new virtual currencies, something that we have already commented on some occasions.

It is clear that their role has been, is and will be revolutionary in the society. Now, in this post we want to delve into the use that is being given to cryptocurrencies based on gender: men and women. Apparently, this issue is showing large differences between the two.

Today, we are willing to reveal what is happening. Are you ready to join us?

“A battle of sexes?”

That's what some people are calling it. On this occasion, it seems that cryptocurrencies are being subject to social debate, a fact that reflects that something is changing. This issue has been addressed through an article published in the Spanish version of The New York Times.

It arises from an emerging cryptocurrency company in the United States promising a revolution in the industrial field of fruits and vegetables and using a word relative to the male sex. As the newspaper notes, later, at the conclusion of the North American Bitcoin Conference, it was observed that only 3 women had participated opposed to 84 present men. We find ourselves at the origin of the debate.

However, our goal with this post is not to go into question, but to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies from a different point and reflect the situation of a reality that is brewing and can change.

For that, we need your help.

Investing in Blockchain

Surely you are already aware of the revolution that is assuming the blockchain technology. It was born with the Bitcoin, and, since then, it seems to be finding a place in various sectors of society. First were the cryptocurrencies, but nowadays, we talk about their inclusion in the systems of data protection, marketing, health, etc.

That said, the time has come to talk about the investment of women and men in the chain of blocks. It seems that, somewhere in the world, cryptocurrencies pursue a fundamental goal for society: "To be more democratic forces and to create greater equality." As a result, today we want to talk about the opportunity for this to happen.

Before that, we wanted to remind you that some studies are reflecting that the number of women investors in this technology is between 4% and 6%.

How will this data change over the next year?

A real alternative to increasing women's inclusion in the financial world

A few months ago, we talked about cryptocurrencies as a real alternative for a society without access to financial resources, putting as an example countries like Colombia. Do you remember?

Today, we want to go back to that subject, but from a different point of view. On that occasion we talked about cryptocurrencies as an opportunity to help the poorest populations become part of the financial world. In this way, poverty would be reduced.

In fact, in a matter of cryptocurrencies there are no gender differences. That is why we firmly believe that this system must and can be used equally on both sides. The Internet of Value makes no exceptions in its performance, and the truth is that women, both Latin America and the rest of the world, have found an effective way to be the owners of their money, to control their transactions without intermediaries in between.

There is evidence that these are considering becoming part of this world. An example is the statement of an expert of the business world:

  • “We have an opportunity to rebuild the financial systems,” Brit Morin said. “Women want to be part of that.”

The cryptocurrency world is barely forming. We have a long way to go, we still have a lot to build. We can all make it possible.

We tell you all this as a reflection of a changing world. If you want to say something about it, we will be delighted to hear from you.