The latest cryptocurrency news

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The latest cryptocurrency news

We are going to talk about cryptocurrencies as a new world, especially because, every day, there are many initiatives arising adapted to the corporate environment. In this post we want to share some of them to reflect what is happening in a society increasingly aware of the advantages of financial systems without intermediaries.

Let's see what these news are...

The latest cryptocurrency news

We present some of the latest news in the crypto world. Human beings are betting stronger for the blockchain technology and this is a clear example of it:

  1. Satoshipay integrates payments with cryptos. It is a story that comes from the hand of Criptonoticias and announces the association of the Satoshipay platform with the publishing chain Axel Springer SE, an action that will allow to pay with cryptocurrencies digital content offered by this company.
  2. Wyoming legalizes cryptocurrencies as a form of money. It seems that the State of Wyoming, in the United States, has approved a law that recognizes the performance of virtual currency such as fiat money. This news shows the progress that is being conducted in the field of crypto-assets.
  3. Walmart multinational requires its suppliers to use blockchain. The reasons reside in their traceable capabilities, an initiative that has the aim to achieve the highest quality in the supply chain. They want to "track down what is the origin and the reason for bad conditions of the food".
  4. Is Facebook developing its own cryptocurrency? There are winds of transformation coming to Facebook. It seems the company is developing its own cryptocurrency to use in transactions within the platform to guarantee stability.
  5. The biggest cryptocurrency is coming to Latin America.It's a great initiative that will take place next may in Bogota (Colombia) and in which several miners, businessmen and leaders of the crypto world will gather to observe where the world economy is going towards.
  6. The U.S. Bank JP Morgan Chase, one of the world's largest financial institutions, announced in February that they will launch its own cryptocurrency, the JPMorgan Coin, a project that will start its trial period in the coming months to settle instantly international payments among its clients.

What is happening with cryptocurrencies?

Some speak of cryptocurrency as the system of the future, but they are already one alternative of the present, this is why we emphasize in what it is today. The most vanguard and technically skilled society is considering this type of payment because of the amount of benefits that it brings.

The future of cryptocurrencies in the 2019 global economy is a question that only time will be able to solve, although some websites like Tendencias Millonarias already believe that cryptocurrencies will have a strong growth this year.

What we can be sure about is that they are already making a real trend for financial markets. First, it was the idea of Satoshi Nakamoto, and it later served as an inspiration to thousands of people in the world to develop their own environment of crypto-assets. Apart from the possibilities that they offer, those who succeed are always those that quickly adapt to the rapid changes, as in the industrial processes of the 19th - 20th and the information age in the XXI century.

As the successful businessman Bill Gates says: "The secret of success in business is in detecting where the world will go and get there first”.

If you're not a cryptocurrency guru...

Don’t worry. You don't need to be a blockchain technology expert to join its use and go with respect picking up speed. Solid foundations are always a good option, and it is clear that knowledge about investments, foreign exchange, and technology no harm at all.

Remember: in life, as in the crypto world, you set the limits.