Latest cryptocurrency applications in the society

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Latest cryptocurrency applications in the society

Cryptocurrencies rise quickly. We don’t talk anymore just about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, or any other currency that you can think of. Now, it is also the moment to talk about DAVIES and other virtual currencies that are emerging over the years. Society evolves and the world keeps spinning. Despite this, now, blockchain is a highlight of the cryptocurrencies.

In this post we tell you the latest applications of the cryptocurrencies in the society.


What will happen to blockchain in 2019?

This is a common question among the ones who are aware of this technology and of the cryptocurrency advancements. Blockchain promises an innovative future regarding to its applications, and this is a claim that we do based on the present. As the blockchain is used more and more in all kinds of sectors, it also begins to receive more attention from Governments, because it is very likely that this technology will be used on a large scale soon.

We just need to look at big central banks who initially were reluctant to cryptocurrencies. They were unthinkable. And now, they think about "central bank digital currency (CBDC)", even though there are very few banks that are still attached to this initiative. La Vanguardia says that "the question is if they will opt for State cryptocurrencies or a supranational". The debate is no longer between using or not virtual coins, but what type of cryptocurrency use.

Society is moving forward!

The question we ask today is: what will happen to blockchain? Will society continue launching new cryptocurrencies regulated by the Government or influenced by a monetary policy? It is likely that the banks continue to try to reduce the competitive advantages of these individual crypto-actives to have greater control over the monetary policy.


The current problems of the blockchain

No handicap is large enough to not be able to kill it. Cryptocurrencies aren't the only ones that have been used to finance illegal activities in the world. Who do you think that it has funded in United States nuclear weapons? How many people stopped using them for this reason?

We are in the perfect time to change our mind and focus on the solution, not the problem. We know and recognize that money laundering has found a glimmer of hope on cryptocurrencies, but it is also true that many professionals and creators of these coins are doing all they can to get transparent and completely secure coins.

It is for this reason that cryptocurrencies like DAVIES already have official support and a pseudo anonymous character. They can track the money. The blockchain is ready to transform business processes and confidence models in the financial sector. It is a technology that, despite their great strides, is still being born and experimenting. It is not surprising that some errors occur because this is how the best implementations come.

Failing is part of the process. A different software, a unique and distributed writing, scalability and confidentiality as major challenges.


Would you like a quick conclusion of the cryptocurrency applications in the society?

What are cryptocurrencies, how they work, where you can use them... Surely, you've asked yourself these questions more than once. Currently, virtual currencies have become a financial instrument of great interest, but its blockchain technology also threatens other scenarios. For example: the health data.

On its part, the cryptocurrencies are being used to ensure the integrity, security and the balance of accounts statements to make instant and low cost payments to a person who is in any part of the world, to reduce financial poverty and give to society the access to their financial resources, to have greater power and control over our own money, to exchange value, making any kind of payment in shops that already accept cryptocurrencies, etc.

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