Private individual creditors

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Private individual creditors

You need money.

You’d like to buy that car, or that house, or start this business that will change your life for good, or simply reward yourself with that treat you’ve been years dreaming about.

But unfortunately, the amount you have right now in your bank account isn’t enough.

Requesting a bank credit and spending the next years paying interests?

It doesn’t look like the most appealing option.


You have money.

After years of hard work, you have managed to build up some savings. Maybe it isn’t a fortune, but you made it with your own two hands, so you’re full of pride.

Nevertheless, it would be nice if that cash had some return and generated profit. In the bank deposit it’s just doing nothing.

Purchasing shares? Speculating on the stock market?

Too risky. You wouldn’t be the first in history to lose it all.

If you find yourself in any of those situations you may have spent some time trying to figure out a suitable solution for your problem, without any success.

Don’t worry, because at last you’ve found it: with Davies you can perform easily and quickly loans to private individuals.

Don’t you know what is this about? Never mind, we’re explaining it today for you. Keep reading and don’t miss any details!


What are loans among private individuals?

If you hear about giving or getting a credit, you’ll probably and automatically think that there needs to be any financial institution involved: a bank, an agency, etc.

It’s normal that you believe this, because for quite a long time it’s been virtually impossible to do it in a different way. However, thanks to the rise of technologies such as cryptocurrencies, more efficient and even more ethical alternatives are available now.

The concept of loans among private individuals is actually as easy as it sounds.

It simply means that a private individual lends money to another one, without turning to any other entity as an intermediary. The money that is moving doesn’t come from the own funds of any company specialized in this kind of procedures; instead, it belongs to common people.

Several advantages are achieved proceeding like this:

  • Simpler procedures. Removing intermediaries means a lot of unnecessary bureaucracy is also avoided, so the whole process becomes faster and smoother.
  • Reduction in costs. No third parties are taking part nor getting fees, which is beneficial both for the loaner and for the loanee.
  • Custom service. Being a private business among persons, they don’t depend on anyone from outside enforcing any condition. Both parts are free to set amounts, interest rates, terms and instalments however they chooose.
  • Since the loan options can be settled at will, a loaner can become specialized in a certain kind of customers with which he may feel more comfortable. In this way he would know them better, therefore adapting the credit parameters optimally.
  • Source variety. The borrower of the money won’t depend exclusively on a single provider. This will give him more scope of action and bargaining power.


How can cryptocurrencies help in loans among private individuals?

Cryptocurrencies such as Davies are a very useful instrument in order to become a private individual creditor.

The main feature of electronic currencies is that they are decentralized: their value doesn’t depend on any backing organization, but price is listed daily and depends on users’ demand and supply.

This decentralized nature makes them perfectly suitable for a loan system in which no intermediaries are required.

But there are also some other utilities that make them very appropriate tools:

  • No time or space restrictions. Cryptocurrencies don’t have any physical support; all their working procedure goes through the Internet. This means one can operate with them from anywhere in the world and at any time, without the limits you’d have if you needed to go personally to a bank branch. With them, private creditors can, for example, back projects in other parts of the planet, and borrowers can benefit from help that maybe no local banks would be willing to offer.
  • Transfer of cryptocoins is completed in only a few seconds, no matter where the loaner and the borrower of the money are. Forget about waiting hours, days or weeks for someone to authorize the operation.
  • Top safety. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology. To sum up, all operations performed with them are stored in a block within a chain, linked to the others in such a way that it can’t be modified without affecting the others. Therefore, faking or deleting an operation is no longer possible, which prevents scams.


Become a private individual creditor with Davies

Does all this sound interesting to you? Let’s go for it, then! With Davies it’s very easy to become a private creditor and make your money work for you while you help other people.

The procedure is really simple.

You only need to register in the app, validate your identity, purchase some Davies and, when you have them in your wallet, put a loan offer in the appropriate section. You set the conditions, and if someone who needs money is interested, he’ll contact you to reach an agreement.

Are you scared of not being paid? Never mind! All users have a public score that rates their trustworthiness upon previous operations; this will help you choose who are you loaning your money to. Besides, if needed, we would give the authorities all needed information in order to process any theft complaint.

You can see it’s all advantages and ease for the system of loans among private individuals to become the main financing system of the future, but already available today.

Come and try it! And should you have any other question about how it works, don’t hesitate to ask us!