New payment system towards COVID

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New payment system towards COVID

If you are a keen observer, you may have noticed that, for the last several months, roughly from about mid-March, the world has become a somewhat different place. We’ve spent some time locked down at home, now we need to wear face masks in the street, every single time we touch anything we immediately have to coat our hands with “hydroalcoholic gel”, crowds and massive meetings are forbidden and we have no choice but to respect “social distance” with people, keeping ourselves, when possible, at least a couple of meters away from any other human.

It looks like scenes directly taken out of the mind of the most warped Hollywood scriptwriter, but it’s completely true. We’re facing the coronavirus pandemic, better known as COVID as that’s the name of the disease caused by the microbe, which is directly responsible of tens of thousands of casualties all around the world. While investigators manage to develop a vaccine, or at least while there are efficient treatments that let us learn to live with the illness in the same way we do with common flu, the only thing we can do is to adapt ourselves to this new environment.

One of the ways to get used to this “new normality” is, precisely, to reduce down to the minimal extent any contact with all kind of objects, due to the fear of the virus to stay on them and spread through them. Buying any product or paying for a service becomes an issue, because notes and coins, or even credit or debit bank cards, suddenly become a hazard going from hand to hand.

Is there any way, any technological advance, which could help us in such a delicate situation? Of course. Cryptocurrencies, our good old friends, come to the rescue by becoming the safest paying system in COVID times. How can they help us? Keep reading to learn it.


Cryptocurrencies, the safest paying means

The main problem, provided the current COVID pandemic situation, is contact. It’s all about avoiding as much as possible any need of touching, that is, not having to handle items with our own hands. In this context cryptocurrencies, or virtual currencies, become an extremely valuable tool.

A cryptocoin, such as Davies, is a currency that works in a fully digitalised way. All operations performed with it take place on the Internet. There’s no physical support like in fiat money (euros, dollars, pesos or whatever money is used in the country where you are). Doing so, one can remove any potential hazard of transmitting pathogenic agents.

Obviously, cryptocurrencies aren’t the only available contactless payment method potentially useful towards COVID pandemic. But they are indeed, thanks to their features, the one that can achieve more dynamism, becoming more convenient and versatile. In that sense it’s especially remarkable, for example, the fact that any transaction done with cryptocoins is completed instantly: it doesn’t matter how far away the destination of the money is, either someone right in front of you or on the other side of the world, because in both cases the receiver will get the cash in only a few seconds.

It must be remembered, also, that cryptocurrencies are the safest payment method not only in the fight against COVID, but also against scams and frauds. The technological system in which its operation is based, the blockchain, is extremely strong and in practice it’s impossible to fake it, because all transfers performed within it, validated by miners, get logged in a block of the chain linked to the previous and the following ones. This way, any change would affect these two others, and so on.


Buy at any shop using cryptocurrency

All these advantages make cryptocurrencies an especially advisable payment method if you want to shop keeping a proper safety distance. An increasing number of stores are accepting them directly, and there are many other possibilities of use on the net. If you do the payment to the business via transfer, using apps such as the Davies one, you will avoid any unwanted contact.

Recently a new possibility has come up: credit or debit bank cards such as VISA crypto. They are similar to those issued by any commercial bank, with the only difference of being linked to your cryptocoin account rather than the one you use to store your fiat money. And, since they are VISA, they can be used normally to pay in hundreds of thousands of stores worldwide accepting them. It’s true that in physical stores the piece of plastic they use face the same issues towards COVID than regular cards… but they are still totally valid for e-commerce: you’ll only have to type down the appropriate card number in order to perform the payment.

Therefore, in these difficult times cryptocurrencies add one more to their already long list of advantages. Using them wisely, they can help in the fight against the disease that has made such a mess in the Earth. They can also provide you many more benefits when managing your own economy. If you’d like to discover how, follow our blog to get a deep knowledge about their properties and ask us any question you may have!