Do you already know the advantages of using cryptocurrencies?

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Do you already know the advantages of using cryptocurrencies?

Talking about advantages imply the existence of some disadvantages. Let's not kid ourselves, we know that everything that exists in the world, no matter how good it is, always finds place for some complains. Money, as we know it, too. So much so, that the cryptocurrencies are born precisely from that, to cover the disadvantages that provide traditional financial systems.

Today, we want to share with you the main advantages of using virtual currency in your operations. Do you want to know what it is all about? Do not wait anymore, we invite you to continue reading.


10 advantages of using virtual currencies

Nowadays, it is no coincidence that major companies like Microsoft and KFC have decided to go for the use of virtual currencies. They became one of the greatest phenomena of the past year, despite the number of attempts to impose strong controls and restrictions on them. We share with you some advantages of cryptocurrencies:

  1. They allow financial inclusion of those parts of society that do not have access to financial services. People without access to these resources can begin to be part of a shared economy and reduce poverty.
  2. They make possible the exchange of value, as well as loans between individuals at any time and place.
  3. They allow people to have power over their money and eliminate the existence of intermediaries.
  4. Payments become more transparent, instant, secure, and at a low cost.
  5. They are a tool powerful enough to free the poor from the oppression of fiat currencies.
  6. They can break the cycle of financial dependence on the banks.
  7. Cryptocurrencies leverage the Blockchain technology to convert the financial system into a safe place.
  8. This technology allows to trace money. Despite the number of cons that exist in the field of money laundering, it is important to remember that only 10% of the transactions with cryptocurrencies are used for illegal activities. Money, as we know it, multiply the number of illegal activities that have occurred, and is that, without going any further, the dollar is being used to pay for nuclear bombs.
  9. It is a pseudo-anonymous payment system.
  10. They make financial systems a better world enabling the Internet of Value or the Internet of Money.


Cryptocurrencies, a more widespread understanding

Cryptocurrencies, also known as virtual currencies, have become a real alternative to the society. An alternative that is born from the need for a transparent system without intermediaries.

As we have already share with you in past posts, it was the dream of a few, but it has become the reality of many, because, according to studies carried out with the aim of measuring the diffusion, awareness and purchase intent, Dalia company team has released the following outcomes:

  • 3 out of 4 people have heard of criptomonedas".
  • "South Korea, with 87%, and Japan, with 83%, are the countries most advanced in cryptocurrency knowledge".
  • "Two of the most prominent western markets are E.EUU. and United Kingdom, with a range of 75% "."
  • "4% of the people are thinking about buying cryptocurrencies".

The system continues to grow. This can be noted just taking a look at the number of cryptocurrencies that have emerged since the birth of the first in 2009: the Bitcoin.


How is the value of the cryptocurrencies manifest?

In first place, it is important to remember that what it is exchange is not money but value in the form of cryptocurrencies. A value that can be translated in euros, dollars or any other currency in the world. Furthermore, the value also translates into contracts, intellectual property, stocks or other property containing something with value.

Although many will remember payment systems as Paypal, there is a fundamental difference, and it is that cryptocurrencies do not use private networks as credit cards, but that payments go directly from buyer to seller. Universal transfers free of intermediations are already possible.