Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies?

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Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrencies?

10 years ago, the financial universe that sustains our world began to see some competitors. In the middle of this adaptation, which sometimes has been weakened , it seems that cryptocurrencies are gaining ground.

In society a deep noise reigns on the battle of centralized and decentralized banking systems. It is the reflection of a system that, despite it is not forged, there are increasingly more people who are opting for it.

Central banks do not want to imagine a decentralized economic world. Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the value universe in the form of a virtual currency in the world. In 2017, about 2.9 million users were using cryptocurrencies in the world. Two years have passed, a period of time in which the blockchain technology has come to stay, new cryptocurrencies have born, and the society has been raising the awareness about their use.

Are you ready to invest in this new world?

Why should I invest in cryptocurrencies?

The reasons why investing in the Internet of value can be very large, and Davies would like to share with you some of them:

  • INSTANTANEITY. Transactions are instant, so you can do business and transactions between individuals at any time and place. In a few seconds, your money can be available with total security.
  • SECURITY. Cryptocurrency payments are safe. What do we want to say with this? They can only be reimbursed by those who receive the transaction. Moreover, thanks to the blockchain technology, it is possible to detect errors and fraud, and its pseudo-anonymous character allows to track down the operations.
  • CONTROL AND POWER. Virtual currencies will give us the possibility of control and have power over our own money, something that has a positive impact on those societies without access to financial resources. Saying 'no' to intermediaries is a process that requires awareness, mostly because the anchored habit that persists in the society.
  • INTERNATIONALITY. Cryptocurrencies facilitate international transactions. The advantages of the blockchain technology have made increasingly more enterprises, organizations and people around the world joined in the universe of the cryptocurrency’s barrier-free.

Buying cryptocurrencies: quick and simple

Maybe there is a widespread thought or a negative view about virtual coins in the society. But, what about the euro or the dollar? Many types of corruption have been conducted using these coins. How many dollars have been used in the financing of wars, fraud and illegal trafficking? No monetary system is perfect, neither the cryptocurrency system. So, we should learn to properly point out the criminals, both the ones who use the digital and physical payment methods.

It is not any system, but a process that has the most compact and complete security in the world. Furthermore, it is highly capable to use it in a quick, simple and versatile way.


We believe that cryptocurrencies are a good way for people to make instant payments at a low cost, at any time and place. Not only that, they also reduce the financial poverty and eliminate mediators in our operations. Speed, ease, and comfort are part of a journey that begins in your consciousness and that completes at the purchase of cryptocurrencies.

Nowadays, things are not more difficult, but different.