4 large companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

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4 large companies that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment

A decade ago, virtual money was still an ambiguous reality, but today is part of the nucleus of some companies. If we talk about cryptocurrencies as a digital media for exchange, the logical thing is to bind it to the year 2009 with the birth of Bitcoin, but if we do it as an inclusion in large organizations, perhaps, the date is more current.

2017 was the year of the change. Cryptocurrencies were the revolutionary phenomenon of the financial system. Hundreds of times have been called like a bubble, and the lack of official support has made society doubt about their condition. We are at the gates of a new year, and it seems that the world of virtual currency brings with it some news. What happens if a cryptocurrency breaks with these schemes and introduces a company that supports it? How are cryptocurrencies being included as a form of payment in the companies?


4 companies that accept cryptocurrencies

Big names such as Microsoft, Fotocasa, KFC and Subway are part of the circle of cryptocurrencies. They have included them in their economic means because they've seen them an efficient way to carry out the payments. They have entered to form part of its structure, especially because of the benefits offered. The reasons why these and other companies are shuffling virtual currency between payment alternatives are:

  • They have found an effective way to exchange value.
  • They have become aware of the advantages of having power over their money.
  • Payments are more transparent, more instant and more secure.
  • The cost is lower, and the money can be traced.
  • They believe that they break the cycle of financial dependency.

Those are the effects of a revolution that is closely related to the advantages of the internet. So much that there are people already talking about the Internet of value to refer to the Exchange in form of cryptocurrencies. It does not need to be money as such, but rather contracts, actions, or even intellectual property are also part of the things that have value to society.

These are just some of the reasons why large companies in the world such as Microsoft, Fotocasa, KFC and Subway have joined the so-called cryptocurrency fever.

Will the number of these companies continue to increase during 2019?


Could the virtual money security shatter?

This is the question that those persons or users have using the cryptocurrencies. They seek a response because this will depend largely on their bet by these assets. Of course, who would like to use a payment method that is not 100% safe?

Transparency and truth are two features that are built, reach and strengthen by the members of the cryptocurrencies. We just set the beginning of a story that is just starting, blockchain technology and virtual currencies.

The fear of being wrong is only a brake on growth, therefore we want to answer the question at the beginning of this section. Break the security of a cryptocurrency is mathematically possible, as some experts say. However, the cost to achieve it is almost incalculable. It is estimated that it would require one computational power greater than all the framework of all the miners of the system. And you know what? Even so, the probability of achieving would not even exceed 50%.

For this reason, we talk about cryptocurrencies as a safe and transparent system in which each transaction is verified. We are talking about a technology that can change our relationship with the digital world forever and that made immutable and permanent records.


There is always a risk

It is true that nothing is safe at all, but not only in the field of the cryptocurrencies, but in every other aspect of our lives. It is said that virtual currencies are closely connected with money laundering or the financing of other illegal activities. However, this also happens with the dollar, right? Either way, the improvements that have been introduced in the cryptocurrencies have made possible the creation of a system capable of tracking, making it a pseudo-anonymous phenomenon.

The greatest risk is to be still.