3 cryptocurrency trends to watch in 2019

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3 cryptocurrency trends to watch in 2019

The cryptocurrency market has entered into a permanent renewal state. Each year, every day, novelties arise on par with this market. We are submerged in the entrance of a new year in which recent cryptocurrencies have entered to be part of society. Davies is a clear example of this phenomenon.

Start a new period, as it is 2019, means to turn the page of the book to keep writing. A book whose 365 pages are still blank. Today we want to fill 3 of them to tell you some of the most striking trends to watch in 2019.

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3 new cryptocurrency trends

We want to share with you some important milestones that will mark the evolution of the cryptocurrencies through 2019. We are at the beginning of this revolution, but also the beginning of a new year, which forces us to make an estimate of what is to come:


  1. Blockchain is no longer a brake

If 2009 was the year of the birth of cryptocurrencies, 2017 was that of his bombshell, 2018 of their understanding, and 2019 focused on its growth. While the blockchain technology has presented itself as a secure system, we have witnessed some errors.

It is here where we can find the first tendency of this technology, it seems that over the next few months there will be a technical stagnation, or at least their developers will work hard to get it. In this sense, not only blockhain will be a brake on the cryptocurrency market, but it will also act as an impulse.


  1. Data protection as a key

Last year was a period in which the blockchain embraced with force to virtual currencies. All indications are that, in 2019, this technology will seat the full protection of the data bases, because this chain of blocks is going to be part of the structure of various sectors (financial, health, marketing, etc.).

We can find ourselves in the age of big data, in the era when society cares more than ever about personal data. It's a very appealing breeding ground, especially for the cybercriminals circulating on the network. Blockchain can stop such actions due to the level of security provided. We will see in the near future.


  1. The Token fever.

Some experts believe that "by 2019 there might be a new gold rush fueled by tokenization". However, this process will take time, especially for the amount of data that is needed. Did you know that tokenization comes as a result of the blockchain technology? As it is part of it. Each platform is powered by the cryptocurrencies and they represent the value of different things.


What should I do to invest in cryptocurrencies?

We know that this bet is not an easy road. We have too many years linked to a financial system that is centralized, so thinking about the power and full control over our money, suddenly can afraid. It is normal. However, the increase in the use of cryptocurrencies indicates that society is becoming aware of the importance of its use and the amount of benefits that brings. Advantages and benefits that not only reside in the power over our money, but also the possibility of reducing financial poverty and societies without resources the opportunity to become part of this world.