Unlimited flexible remuneration: keep your talent offering better wage conditions

Encourage your employees and get substantial tax savings that also benefit the company

With Davies as a bonus for your employees you can:

  • Improve loyalty in the human capital
  • Obtain better results with a more motivated team
  • Offer better conditions with the same salary
  • Save in taxes (Personal Income Tax, VAT and social security contributions) both for companies and employees

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The best motivation is offering bigger incentives to your employees

If the company pays employees’ commissions through Davies, the workers obtain 100% of the amount for their own expenses, discount VAT in their purchases and reduce the costs of taxes and social security contributions.


Reasons to use Davies cards

money (2)

Crypto VISA card (coming soon)

With the new Davies VISA card employees will be able to spend their retributions purchasing at any physical shop or eCommerce accepting VISA.


Reduce tax burden

Savings on social security, deductible VAT on purchases with every card, tax reduction in favour of the employee’s salary enjoying 100% of the commissions.


Corporate anonymous card

Cards associated to the company are linked anonymously to employees and assets are always available for spending.


Unlimited instant reloads

The company can reload instantly and safely. Limits in reloads are set by the company itself. No deadline to spend the available amount.


Easy to use

Managing the employees’ remunerations has never been so easy. It’s even simpler than a bank transfer!


Web and mobile app

Reload your employees’ wallets from your iOS or Android app or from your computer through the website.


Everybody can use the Davies Crypto VISA card

Davies VISA card can be used at any international physical or online shop accepting VISA.

Reward your employees with Davies

Davies card goes a step further in rewards and improvement of your human capital loyalty.