We reduce commissions by making international transfers in an immediate and safe way

We remove intermediaries and risks on currency exchange

Using Davies as a means to perform international transfers you can:

  • Reduce commissions, as no banks are needed.
  • Have the money available in only a few minutes.
  • Without any limit neither for transference nor for volume.

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Why should you use Davies for your international transfers


Improve your profit

Since it doesn’t depend on banks, commissions are reduced when compared to the traditional system.


No limits

There are no limits neither of cash amount per operation nor of number of operations.


Immediate transfers

Reduce to the minimum the time needed to get the money in your own currency*. In only a few minutes the cash will be available.


Following via App

Order the sending from your mobile device, tablet or the Customer Area in the website. Follow at any point the transfer status.


Full transparency

Thanks to blockchain technology, the operation will be anonymously verified in a block in the chain.


Complete warranty

We fulfil the European rules for financial services.

*By now Euros are available. For other currencies please contact our Commercial department.


Manage all your business’ international transfers from our App

Through our App you can make international transfers, regardless of the amount, in an easy, safe and traceable way.

Make international operations with Davies

For your company, making international transfers with Davies will mean saving time and money in commissions. Davies is a fast and safe way to optimize profits of your company abroad.