Safety when sending money to Venezuela from Spain

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Safety when sending money to Venezuela from Spain

In an increasingly more interconnected world where digitalisation has a key role, new ways to communicate, to buy products, to search information and to send or receive money anywhere in the planet have been developed. All this means our lifestyle and our consumption habits have changed. In this post we’re focusing on the available ways to send money from Spain to Venezuela. Are you ready? Let’s start with a few questions for you to answer:

Do you live in Spain and need to send remittances to Venezuela? Is the system you’re using completely safe? Have you found any difficulty when performing your transactions? Do you keep any receipt or invoice to justify the operation? How long does it take to arrive to its recipients?

Pay attention, because in this post we’ll talk about a very safe method to send money from Spain to Venezuela.

Advantages of sending money to Venezuela using Davies

The birth of Daviescoin cryptocurrency is a major milestone in the way of sending and receiving money from other countries:

  • All active buying or selling operations are logged. Venezuela doesn’t have any means to send or receive money in a professional way, but Davies has become the first option to do so safely and to guarantee and justify the transaction with a receipt and an invoice.
  • It makes easier and cheaper to send remittances from Europe to Latin American countries, as well as to bring back home money from European companies which are also working in these nations.
  • Davies is the first cryptocurrency which allows directly loans among private individuals, avoiding any intermediary, with all the information about the identities of the loaner and the borrower, and at a low cost.
  • Sent money arrives immediately to the recipient and their data is stored in a 100% safe way thanks to the blockchain the system uses.

As a consequence of all these advantages, Davies has become a cryptocurrency which is able to reduce financial poverty and to offer everyone the opportunity to access these services in an easy, simple and comfortable way. Did you know that more than 40% of women worldwide don’t have access to these resources? So says a report from Global Findex.

Because of this reality, we are confident that cryptocurrencies can contribute to financial inclusion. Person to person transfers without intermediaries is a dream for many people who live far away from their home countries. Davies, Bitcoin, Litecoin or other currencies have become main actors in the fight for a decentralised system which offers people the chance to be their own bank and keep total control of their money.

Some Latin American countries have gone through very complex issues for many years, including economic crises hitting families and companies hard. In this way, they had to restart their economies, but there’s still a large amount of people who remain excluded from financial services, despite the adopted measures to reinforce banking systems.

That’s how we make it possible to send money from Spain to Venezuela

Such an usual task for many people has become a more common reality. We only have to check the growing figures of Venezuelans living in Spain, who find themselves in a difficult situation when they need to send money to their relatives back home. Sometimes they struggle against high commissions, too long waiting times or some risks that reduce the trust.

In this context, cryptocurrencies have become a perfect opportunity to send remittances to their families. That’s why we want to focus on the best way to perform these operations through Davies platform:

  • It lets you send money to Venezuela from Spain at a low cost and instantly, guaranteeing that the recipient gets it in a very short time.
  • Money sending is made in a transparent, safe and traceable way, at any time or day.
  • We have local wallets for Windows, Mac and Linux, apart from the Davies platform (to which you can enter using the iOS and Android apps or directly from our website) to store your Davies. You can also store them on the exchanges where we’re listed.
  • You can keep all control over your money and become your own bank, powerful and easy to use, and access from wherever you are and at whatever time you want.

Would you like to have more information about this cryptocurrency? Virtual currencies are the transactional item with a listed value that you can use to perform actives sending, wherever you are.

Are you ready to enjoy sending money from Spain to Venezuela in a fast and totally safe way? Ask us all your doubts, we’ll be happy to help you.