How to get a card with cryptocurrencies?

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How to get a card with cryptocurrencies?

Every day we see more people purchasing cryptocoins, but how do they pay with them? Can they use them in their daily expenses?


The answer is yes. In fact, there are many shops that already allow paying with cryptocurrencies thanks to crypto cards, which encourages popularity and usability of digital coins in a financial universe still dominated by traditional paying means. More speed, less costs, what else do you need to know?


Think wisely about it, because today we’re explaining how to get your first card with cryptocurrencies.


What is a cryptocoin card?


You probably are carrying in your wallet some bank card issued by the financial institution with which you usually work. You have an associated account and a myriad of shops and stores accept it. True?


Well, crypto cards are exactly the same, but with some remarkable differences:


  • They must be reloaded with cryptocurrency credit.
  • They let you exchange traditional money reloading a card with cryptocurrencies in a simple and practical way.
  • They are usually linked to a mobile app, whose operation is very similar to bank apps (account balance check, deposits, exchange into other cryptocurrencies, etc.).
  • Your digital wallets can be connected. Here is where you store your cryptocoins.


We at Davies are working towards letting customers use comfortably their cryptocurrency cards and link them to their wallets. Some info in advance: you will be able to buy safely in more than 50 million shops all around the world, both in physical stores and online, from your Davies wallet.


So keep an eye and don’t skip the next posts in our blog!


Which are the advantages of having a cryptocurrency card?


Despite the data we’ve provided so far isn’t that much, you probably have already got some idea about the benefits you can obtain using this means of payment. Here’s a list with some of its advantages:


  1. You’ll pay with full privacy


You know how important is that. Users do care a lot about the payment process: they need trust, speed, efficiency, comfort and guaranteed performance. With crypto cards you’ll be able to pay and be paid in a totally anonymous way in your wallet, just as if it were common cash.


  1. Goodbye, fees.


We know how uncomfortable it is to face commissions. Some cards remove them when opening an account through the app.


  1. Complete availability


With a crypto VISA card, you’ll be able to pay at any shop where card payments are accepted.


  1. Guaranteed safety


Similar to paying with a bank, because VISA offers safe pay guarantee.


  1. Operation tracking


You don’t need to write down or try to memorize every transaction. All them keep logged in the platforms. You’ll get instant notifications for every movement. You’ll have whole control.


  1. International payments


Why reducing your shopping options to your own country when you can pay in businesses all around the world? You don’t need to own a bank account to perform payments in millions of places.


How to get your card with cryptocurrencies? Evolution


About 10 years ago, when the first cryptocurrency in history was created, this means of payment based on the blockchain technology quickly became a mystery. A decade later, it’s the means of payment chosen by millions of people. Bitcoin alone has at least 13 million users. But don’t forget there are thousands of cryptocurrencies. Imagine how many people use them worldwide!


The result is an increasingly popular means of payment due to its advantages: sending instant payments to other countries at a very low cost (Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, etc.), loans among private individuals, payments in shops, transparency and safety, profitable investment, etc.


Nobody could ever imagine that such an unusual project, named after so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, would become a financial trend and one of the most revolutionary technologies of the 21st century. Because cryptocurrencies aren’t only value: they also are blockchain technology, and that has become a milestone for many sectors (automotive, pharmacy, supply chain, health, tourism…).


They are no longer simple virtual currencies in which money could be invested. Now they also are means of payment that can be used in real life to purchase items, send money to friends or relatives in other countries, and many more possibilities. They are real value and money, even though many people still struggle to accept that the fact of not taking any physical space in the wallet doesn’t make them less important. Instead, they have many perks compared to fiat money.


Let’s keep the focus! To get a crypto card you only need to register in an app, buy your coins and have a trustworthy and efficient digital wallet. The card will be linked to your account and will work just fine with the cryptocurrency. The money you will use to pay is no other than the one you have in your wallet. If you’re used to pay with card, you won’t face any challenge, as the payment process, in practice, is identical.


Do you travel often to other countries where a different currency is in use? Do you shop abroad? A crypto card is the answer to your issues.


Crypto card? The conclusion


The advantages we have listed through this post are nothing compared with all the possibilities you’ll find out from now on while using your own crypto card whenever and wherever you want.


Fintech world keeps working to offer new, fully safe alternatives. It’s true that there is still a long way to go in the sector in order to beat conventional banking, but giant steps are being taken. Crypto cards are a great example, as they bring with them changes and opportunities for any private customer. You can take advantage of them to get the most profit of your money, as if they were any other hard currency. There is no doubt that they are starting to get out of the net and be used in daily life.


Do you have any idea in mind? Why do you think it would be a perfect possibility for you? Ask us all your concerns and doubts, we’ll be glad to help you.