Cryptocurrencies to send money to Dominican Republic

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Cryptocurrencies to send money to Dominican Republic

Money is one of the most important assets to develop our daily life in favourable conditions. Sending money to Dominican Republic, or other Latin American countries, can become an odyssey if no adequate means to do it are available. Many people emigrate to other countries to improve their life quality by either working, studying or doing any other activity. However, sometimes they need to send money to their home countries, in this case the Dominican Republic, facing difficulties in costs and in the time it takes to send and receive the money.

We have the perfect solution for you! In this post we’re telling you how cryptocurrencies have changed the outlook of sending and receiving money from abroad.

Davies: a safe way to send money to Dominican Republic

Since the birth of cryptocurrencies such as Daviescoin, sending and receiving money to other countries isn’t a problem anymore. We said goodbye to high costs and risks in transactions and welcomed a fast, easy and safe way to send money anywhere in the world.

Davies isn’t only a cryptocurrency, an app or a place to buy and sell virtual coins. It’s much more than that: it has already become a professional platform to send money to any place in the planet, without intermediaries and in a transparent, safe and traceable way.

Frequent problems when sending money to Dominican Republic

Do you have relatives in other parts of the world? Do you need to make money transfers immediately? We often find many restrictions when trying to make our transaction from a bank account. For example:

  • Service availability depends on what we have selected (destination country, money availability, legislation, time schedules, proof of identity, amount…).
  • Delays in the sending and receiving of money due to different time zones and banking rules.

In this process many doubts can pop up. Which costs will the operation have? How long will it take to reach the recipient? Is it safe to proceed through this means? Which options do I have to complete transactions to a foreign country? Am I properly fulfilling legal requirements? It’s not only about commissions or the time money takes to arrive to the recipient. Other issues must be taken into account, and we should compare different options to check out which one is more profitable.

How to solve these drawbacks with Davies

In light of these questions, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an answer and as a means for value change. With Davies, international money transfers with a single click (it’s immediate, money can be sent to any country within seconds, at any time or date), easily (you can download its App or access from the website, you’ll only need to add the recipient’s address and the amount) and safely (transactions remain registered in the blockchain) have become possible.

Although there are different alternatives to send money to countries such as Dominican Republic, not all of them allow to do it also backwards and keep the whole cycle working. With Davies, it can be done in a professional way, with an invoice and a receipt for the purchase and sale of actives. Many people believe that sending or receiving money through a blockchain technology-based system is expensive; instead, it reduces transaction costs.

Davies’ main goal is to help the world by creating a banking system where the users are their own bank. It’s powerful and easy to use, anyone can access it from anywhere in the planet. Davies is a system that eases transfers and loans between companies and private individuals, regardless of their location. How?

  1. Easing and reducing the sending cost of remittances between Europe and Latin American countries.
  2. Making it possible to invest in Latin American countries by improving the entrance and exit of capitals in a legal way.
  3. Easing the return of currencies from European companies operating in Latin America.
  4. It is the first cryptocurrency that allows loans among private individuals and companies in a direct way. No intermediaries and having at every moment all the data about who are the loaner and the borrower.
  5. It can be used to help hundreds of NGOs, since Davies users have the possibility of financing their projects directly, thanks to functionalities such as currency exchange and loan creation.

Cryptocurrencies, cryptography and distributed consensus, which are some of Davies’ main features, allow transactions between private individuals with very reduced infrastructural management costs. This doesn’t happen in banks, because they set commissions that directly affect customers.

Banks can make profits from the implementation of cryptocurrencies, even if some of them still don’t know about it. For example, PKO Bank Polski, from Poland, has already taken the first step.

Conclusions about sending money to Dominican Republic

Let’s talk about Davies context. The Internet of value and the digital inception of exchange goods are the main pillars of our system’s experience. We work day after day to build a business well adapted to 21st century needs: safe, reliable and innovative service delivery, data protection of loaners and borrowers, etc.

Thanks to Davies there is a safe way to perform the sending of actives, no matter which part of the world you are. Our value relies on the users’ trust, who make the property exchange possible in a bidirectional way, avoiding any external figure to allow or disallow the transactions.

We ease the currencies’ portability among countries using different coins, unifying transactions. Now you can do it from your smartphone, regardless of the part of the world in which you are. Spain? Dominican Republic? Anywhere else?

We look forward to achieving efficiency and effectiveness. Davies is the currency exchange blockchain platform that will unite Latin America and Europe. Do you need to send money to Dominican Republic in a fast, easy and safe way?

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