Pay in crypto and euros with your Davies VISA (Coming soon)

Using Davies you can pay in a safe way in more than 50 million shops all around the world, both physical stores and eCommerce, from your Davies wallet.

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Reasons to use the Davies VISA card


Full privacy in payments

As if it were cash, you can buy and receive payments anonymously with your Davies crypto wallet.

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Crypto VISA card

Available at any shop where card payment is accepted.

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No commissions

You won’t pay any extra fee neither for opening your account in the Davies App.

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The cryptographic system ensures that your money stays safe in the platform.


Operation tracking

All your operations are registered in our platform and we will send you instant notifications about every movement.


International payments

You won’t need to have a bank account to perform payments in millions of shops all around the world.

Would you like to get even more profit from your paycheck?

The Davies card provides more tax benefits if you’re in a payroll and it’s associated to the company you work for. You will reduce your tax burden, as the reload doesn’t pay Personal Income Taxes.


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Davies cards let you use your cryptocoins in physical stores and eCommerces accepting VISA in any part of the world.