Perform P2P loans among private individuals without limits through our platform

Set the conditions yourself or choose any of the existing setups



P2P decentralized loans

You can be loaner or borrower. Keep on hand the same financial tools any bank has thanks to our Davies App. With our evaluation system you can also rate who you loan your money to and choose all conditions.


Reasons to use Davies P2P loans


No intermediaries

Remove intermediaries and make your investment profitable in a short time.



Anyone who owns a smartphone can enter.


Safe value

The loan value is set in euros, so Davies quotation doesn’t have any influence.



The loan is fulfilled instantly.



All users in the platform have undergone a tight identity control and have been verified.



The borrower earns a score according to the reliability; the loaner can always decide whom to loan.

Download Davies App and request your loan

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How to grant a loan in Davies?

  • Create an account
    Starting is easy and safe, and it’s useful to store your personal data.
  • Verify your identity
    To prevent scams or identity frauds, we need to verify your identity. Upload a picture of your ID or passport and our team will validate it in 24 hours.
  • Buy Davies
    There is no minimum amount. You can pay with debit card or doing a bank transfer. Follow our indications!
  • Grant a loan
    Enter the “Loans” section and set yourself the conditions: interest rate, terms, number of payments, etc. Create the loan and grant it to the person you choose.

How to request a loan in Davies?

  • Enter the App
    Type your username and password. In “Settings” you can activate Google Authenticator’s double authentication to make the procedure even safer
  • Go to "loans" section
    There you can find all pre-approved loans.
  • Request a loan
    Publish an offer with the conditions you would accept or select one of the offers in the list.


Through our marketplace, and using a rating system, you can choose who you loan your money to, or who you request to, and in which conditions.


Loans among private individuals are the best option to get funding in the best conditions. Obtain extra cash quickly, without the need of justifications or guarantees.


Terms and interest rates are verified by both parts with full transparency.

In Davies, money doesn’t come from any entity using own funds like a lending institution would do. Instead, it’s private individuals’ self cash, providing money to those who need it without any third-party intermediation.


This method is a new way of lending and borrowing money and will let you collaborate with one or many loaners, which on exchange will later receive their money and the earned interest upon the previously agreed conditions.

P2P loans are very useful when you need a loan and traditional banking institutions take too long on giving you the money, or they demand you too many requirements. This is an alternative way to finance your needs or goals.


You won’t need to explain your motives to request it, therefore privacy is 100% maintained.

The loan is performed deducting the equivalent amount in euros from your Davies wallet, at the existing exchange rate at the moment of publishing the offer.

The loan is always granted in euros.

If the borrower doesn’t pay, the very first thing that happens is that their score in the app drops. If the debt exceeds the legal limits, the loaner can sue for theft. We would provide all the data of the person committing the fraud whenever the authorities request us.

If the cryptocoins can’t be sold directly in the platform, you can place an auction offer. If that offer matches the market price, there shouldn’t be any problem to sell. Nevertheless, the token can be sent to any exchange that works with Davies and operate freely there.