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Here you have answers to any questions you may have about cryptocurrency, Daviesapp and our project.

Davies Cryptocurrency

Davies is a 100% decentralised cryptocurrency created as a Litecoin fork to get some of its features, which, added to the Lyra2v2 algorithm, manages a high transaction speed combined with strong safety. Currently Davies is the biggest Lyra2v2 blockchain in the world.

Behind this 100% decentralised currency there is a holding, whose mother company is Daviescoin IT OÜ, which, together with IPL Corporación LCC and USA Gestiones LLC generate a large international business group which is providing the currency with real life utilities, marking a difference with its natural competitors. This company has its tax base in Estonia, because it is one of the few countries in Europe where the cryptocurrency market is regulated, thereby offering safety and a legal base to the transactions. The logistical, executive and development centres are in Spain.

Of course not! Davies is a whole alternative to the current finance and banking systems. The goal is to create a business and people network who work with Davies in order to provide the market with real innovative applications, not only speculative, to expand our proposed functions all around the world. To boost this commercial distribution, the company is the key organized piece to give clarity and enforceability to the project.

Davies isn’t intended only for the crypto community. In fact, more than 60% of our App users have invested in this ecosystem for the first time with us. Indeed, this is the main purpose of the Davies platform: coming closer to communities still distant from the reality of the Internet of value.

The main Davies benefits rely on the fact that its value not only increases naturally due to pure speculation. It’s the operational epicentre of its own app, which adds usage value to companies and private individuals. It isn’t only an investment option. This is the main difference with any other cryptocurrency in the market.

Strictly yes. But it goes way far beyond. Money has four major functions in the economy: it’s an accounting unit and price pattern, an exchange means, a payment means and a securities depository. Davies provides more features and improves current functions of fiat money, due to its speed, its lack of physical attachment to any land borders, and its value when used in currency exchanging transactions or credits among private individuals. We’re facing a true money revolution.

According to the law, Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) are any kind of registry of digital means which are used as digital exchange means, account unit or securities depository, and which is not electronic money, a financial instrument or a virtual token.

Apart from our app we’re right now at STEX. We’ll gradually add more.

Davies App

Apart from being a cryptocurrency, Davies has a digital platform with its own app, in order to make transfers and loans among private individuals easier regardless of their location, without using banks, and in a completely safe, transparent and traceable way. We are looking forward to transforming Davies into an alternative payment method both at conventional shops and at any e-commerce.

We will be happy to help you at our e-mail address

Davies buy and sell

Through our App you can easily buy and sell Davies without needing to have any previous experience about cryptocurrency handling. You can buy Davies with your credit or debit card or with a bank transfer, at listed price, without the need of third currencies.


Currency transfer

With Davies you can send money anywhere in the world through our App. We are currently focused in Latin America. We have created a marketplace to contact people who want to send money to their countries of origin with people who want to send money back home to Europe. There are no intermediaries, no banks and no change offices. The sending is bidirectional without extra costs.


Loans among private individuals

Thanks to this new functionality you can make loans to other users and get profit from your money with the conditions you wish to set. Currently the credit market is concentrated in large structures. Do you imagine financing a project in the other side of the world and getting profit and interests without even needing to get off the couch? With Davies it can become a reality.


Payment means

We are working towards adding the cryptocurrency and the transactional protocol to any shop or even paying at e-commerce in a completely safe way.

From our App and the Davies platform we offer two different means for the purchase. Each has different delivery times and transaction costs:


  • Bank transfer. The first thing you need to do is to load euros in your wallet. Press the button in the top left side, go to Account, select the Euro wallet, click Deposit, copy the account number and, from your bank, make a transfer to that account. It’s very important to fill correctly the concept and the receiver, otherwise we’ll have no way to track its origin. Service charge is 2% and the purchase can take up to 24/48 hours.
  • Credit or debit card. To buy Davies using a card, click the button in the top left side, go to “Buy/Sell”, click “Buy”, select “Pay with card”, press “Next” and then write the amount in Euros you wish to buy. Service charge is 3% and the purchase is immediate.


Also remember that, since Davies is a decentralised currency, it can also be found in the exchanges where we’re listed. Currently we are at STEX, which works via trading with bitcoins. This is a listed market, similar to the stock exchange.

Currently there is a limit of €1,000 per operation, but there’s no limit of operations if the purchase is done via card. For bank transfer operations there’s a limit of €1,000 in 24 hours.

When buying with card the minimum amount is €1.

No. Since the stock is limited, it depends on how many Davies are there in the platform, which varies depending on how many people are buying and selling. Davies has creation and availability limits, which make this currency and exclusive and high value item.

If you want to sell Davies you have in your wallet, click the button in the top left side, go to “Buy/Sell”, choose “Sell”, write the amount of Davies you want to sell and click “Sell”. Service charge is 2%. The amount in Euros will appear almost immediately in your Euro wallet.

Currently the sale limit is €500 a day.


We have developed a marketplace within the App in which we contact people who need to send money to their destination countries or people who want to exchange their local currency for euros. Anyway, we recommend to publish an offer in the marketplace before changing euros to Davis, so that a possible fluctuation in the value can be avoided before finding someone interested in the exchange.

Click on the top left menu, select “Currency exchange”, choose the country to which you wish to make the sending, click on “See offers” and check out if there is any interesting offer from sellers. If there is one, contact the person who has published that offer and set the conditions. If there isn’t any, you’ll have to publish and offer. Click on “Publish an exchange announce” and then “Sell/exchange Davies”, choose the currency and settle a fare (positive or negative depending on whether it’s convenient at the moment to sell above or below the market price), say how you wish to be contacted and, if appropriate, write any other comment. Press “Publish” and wait for someone to contact you.

Click on the top left menu, select “Currency exchange”, choose the country to which you wish to make the sending, click on “See offers” and check out if there is any interesting offer from buyers. If there is one, contact the person who has published that offer and set the conditions. If there isn’t any, you’ll have to publish and offer. Click on “Publish an exchange announce” and then “Buy/exchange Davies”, choose the currency and settle a fare (positive or negative depending on whether it’s convenient at the moment to sell above or below the market price), say how you wish to be contacted and, if appropriate, write any other comment. Press “Publish” and wait for someone to contact you.

Currently money can be sent to the following countries:

  • Venezuela
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Bolivia
  • Chile


We keep working to add more countries. If you are interested on any particular country, let us know in We will be happy to consider your proposal.

Davies App is completely safe. It is located in our own servers. Nevertheless, if you wish to have extra safety you can download a cyphered wallet and store the currency there.

Of course! You can register with your ID or passport.

If you find any error you should contact our support department at One of our experts will check out the issue and write you back as soon as possible.

Sure! It’s very easy! Go to the top left button, then “Account”, select the Daviescoin wallet and press “Send” or “Receive”.

To transfer Davies to another account you will have either to scan the QR code of the recipient, or to write down the wallet address of that person.

To receive Davies you need to click the top left button, select “Account”, choose the Daviescoin wallet and click “Receive”. Then you’ll have two possibilities:

QR code. If you’re next to the person who is sending the transfer, the code can be scanned.

Alphanumeric code. It’s a code made up with letters and numbers that you’ll have to send to the person who is sending the money.

The value increase is transmitted directly in the Davies wallet. There is a Davies to euros converter which lets you know in real time the current value of your Davies in your account.

As far as the app is concerned, nothing. Your Davies are stored in our server, so you can access to your account from any device.

In the starting registry window, click “Forgotten password”, write again the e-mail address you used to register, and we’ll send you an e-mail with the recovery procedure.

Just write us to and we’ll do our best to solve any incidence as soon as possible.

Just tell us at and we’ll do it.


Licence FVR000700: this licence qualifies us to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money such as euros or dollars.

So far, we have euro wallets; soon we will add new wallets for US dollars and Argentine pesos.

Licence FRK000607: this licence qualifies us to become custodians of our users’ cryptocurrencies (cryptobank).

Davies has its licences in Estonia, since this is one of the few countries in Europe where cryptocurrencies are regulated. Our main goal is to improve reliability and safety and to provide a prosperous future to our users, avoiding the risk of disappearing due to a legislation change. We are also currently in process of getting US licences.

Data protection

In order to become a user of our services, we at Davies will ask you the following compulsory data: e-mail address, ID (including full name, postal address and birth date), phone number, handwritten signature, face picture and occupation.


From your usage of Davies services through the App or the website, Davies may accesso or get your IP, the advertising identifier of your mobile device, features of your device such as the microphone or the camera, the preferred language, the location country, session data (reference site domain name, visited sites, web access time and date), the operations log of your Davies account, as well as data derived from the actions the user can perform through the utilities provided by Davies in the website and the App.


All these data will be processed for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

We use your personal data in a safe way to provide you better services, develop new products and services, improve user experience, generate analytics and statistics, detect and prevent any identity fraud, reinforce established safety measures, analyse the usage and impact of our services, and to send ads and promotions via e-mail. You can check all this with more detail in our Privacy Policy.

First of all, your consent, which of course can be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to Data Protection.


Secondly, our contract obligation to provide Davies services to which you have previously registered.

Thirdly, Davies obligations towards detection and prevention of identity frauds, as established by laws regarding money laundering.


Fourthly, legitimate interest to send commercial communications, to perform proofs to correct possible errors, improve the technology and provide an optimal service to the user and to elaborate analysis and internal reports to test the result of campaigns or promotions launched by Davies.

We have providers who have access to your personal data as processing managers. Davies’ relationship with them is stated in a legal document that fulfils all the requirements in European and Spanish Data Protection laws and are subject to strict confidentiality compromises. These managers will only treat your data according to Davies indications, and always for the processing purposes specified here and in our Privacy Policy.


We in Davies do not share your data with third parties currently. If we ever intend to share them in the future, we will do so provided that you give us first your consent. In case of other international data transfers which don’t conform to the aforementioned criteria, standard Contractual Clauses established by the European Union will compulsorily apply.

Protecting data and privacy from our customers is extremely important for us. Davies has implemented all the security measures requested by the European and Spanish laws for the risk level of the personal data we gather and process.


We have a Safety Document in which we list all the technical and organizational measures for the personal data protection. Also, in our processing registry we list the treatments performed to the users’ personal data. We have a Data Protection Delegate who can be contacted by sending an e-mail to Data Protection.

As a Davies user you can exercise the following rights: request the access to the personal data related to you as a user, request its correction or suppression, request the limitation of its treatment, data portability and opposing profiling.


To exercise them, write us to and we’ll inform you about how to do it.

If you wish to revoke your consent to the treatment you do of your personal data, please write us to and specifically request the revocation.

Please remember that if you revoke the consent to gather and use your personal data you won’t be able to use anymore Davies services and you’ll be automatically withdrawn from our services. Your data will remain blocked and will be deleted in the term European and Spanish laws require.

We won’t do that if you don’t give us express consent before. If you don’t give it, we simply won’t gather these data. We only gather and manage data you’ve previously accepted to give in a free and informed way.

We will send you a notification for you to read and accept, or not, the new purposes shown in the Privacy Policy. You decide!

We at Davies profile users according to their usage of our services. These profiles are pseudo-anonymized and, as a Davies user, you can oppose this treatment.

Your personal data will be stored as long as you keep using Davies services, provided that they have the established purposes. We will apply a review period of six months; in case of inactivity or lack of need of the data for the mentioned purposes, if we consider that we won’t need them anymore, we will block them (we won’t be able to use them even if we still store them) and, later, to permanently delete them.

In our Cookies Policy you can check out the cookies we use in our website and our App.

For further details, please check out here our Privacy Policy.

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