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A safe value for your savings

Due to international monetary debt, countries tend to print fiat money according to their needs, circulating an increasing amount, thus generating inflation and making your savings worth less. That’s what happened in places such as Venezuela, Argentina…

With Davies you can forget about inflation. There’s a limited amount of Davies: 21.600.000. The coin value fluctuates depending on users’ supply and demand.

Compra Davies

Why investing in Davies?


Infinite rewards

Thanks to your referral link, you’ll always get a 10% commission whenever your referred users perform any purchase.

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Reduced price

This is a great time to invest, as we still are on an initial stage of the project.



Our platform lets you buy easily Davies cryptocoins via bank transfer or card payment.


Support team

Through our App our support team will help you at any time and solve all your doubts.

How to buy Davies?

  • Create an account
    Getting started is easy and safe. You only need your e-mail or your Google account to register.
  • Verify your identity
    To prevent scams or identity frauds, we need to check who you are. Upload pictures of your ID or passport and our staff will validate them in 24 hours.
  • Buy Davies
    There’s no minimum amount! Pay with debit card or via bank transfer following our directions
  • Buy in auctions
    If there are no Davies in the platform, alternatively you can purchase Davies from other users in the “Auctions” section

How to sell Davies?

  • Log in the app
    Type your username and password. In “Settings” you can enable the Google Authenticator double authentication to improve the safety in the procedure.
  • Select in the menu “Buy / Sell”
    In this section all transactions performed from your account keep registered with their date.
  • Sell Davies
    Click on the “Sell” button, take the desired amount from your Euros wallet and send the money to your bank account.
  • Place a selling offer in the “Auctions” section
    If you can’t sell directly in the app, you can always place a selling offer in its “Auctions” section.

What can you do with your Davies?


Auction them

You can buy and sell Davies from other users within the platform setting yourself the conditions.

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Send them

You can send Davies to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly and without amount limits.


Sell them

You can sell your Davies through the platform, pick your gains and send them to your bank account.

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Keep them

Our users trust our currency as a project of future. You can store Davies in your account or send them to a external wallet.


Lend them

Our platform contacts loaners and borrowers, easing loan procedures.


Spend them

Our recent agreement with VISA means that soon you will be able to pay with card if your balance in the Davies wallet is positive.

What makes us different?

Davies is not only a cryptocoin. It is a well-structured, disruptive project that offers a value both to private consumers and to companies. How? Providing services that mean an increase on its value, being one of the very few cryptocurrencies in the world that don’t depend only on speculation. This encourages the active value to keep growing progressively and to generate wealth among all users.


Which services do we offer to private consumers?


Purchase and sale of Davies

With Davies you can perform sales and purchases in the App easily and immediately. Davies is a store of value: its quoted price has increased by 15,000% in the last year. In the very same way Bitcoin was an amazing investing opportunity some years ago, Davies is today.


Loans among individuals

You can choose to be a loaner or a borrower and become yourself your own bank. Through our marketplace and with a scoring system you can choose who you lend your money to and in which conditions.


Sending money to Argentina

With Davies you can send money to your relatives with the lowest fares in the market. You’ll manage to make more money arrive to its destination. No intermediaries reducing its value and in a safe, transparent and traceable way.


Currency exchange

We have created a marketplace with which we ease currency exchanges. We contact registered users so that they can do the exchange in the most convenient way for them.

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Davies VISA (soon)

As a Davies user you can pay with your card simply having a positive balance in your Davies wallet. You can spend the profit you get with the cryptocurrency totally anonymously.


Exclusive promotions

Paying with Davies App you can get thousands of discounts in Davies associated businesses and you can also take advantage of exclusive offers.

Which services do we offer to companies?


Instant international transfers

With Davies you can move your company funds with the lowest commissions in the market. More money will reach its destination immediately. No amount limits, no intermediaries reducing your profit, safely and traceably.


Receive payments from anywhere in the world without losing your margin

You won’t need to charge the delivery costs to your benefits. Open your business to any place in the world and don’t care again about currencies and exchange rates.

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Flexible remuneration for your employees

Motivate your employees paying incentives. Your workers will get more money by paying any expense with the VISA Crypto card associated to your company account. The business can deduce VAT on purchases and save on Social Security and taxes.


Pay your company expenses with our VISA Crypto card

With Davies, also companies can perform payments using our card and obtain significant tax savings.


Receive payments with Davies in your shop

If you have your own business, with Davies you can receive payments of any amount reducing the fees you pay to the banks. You’ll also have a saver system towards COVID-19, since the payment is done via your mobile phone, without the customer needing to handle any device.

Buy now Davies

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